Anyone Know Were I Can Get Some Bullrider seed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by J-Sin420, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. anyone know a seed bank that i can get some bullrider seeds from ( seed bank that ships to the USA) Thanks.

  2. i never even heard of it
  3. Try a rodeo lol jk
  4. Guess no one knows anything about this stran.
  5. do you mean bulldog seeds?? they suck!!!
  6. u mean lowryder??
  7. The best bud I have ever smoked. I got it in San Diego. I heard it was a strain by Mark emory. You can't buy seeds from him anymore, its a bust. research bullrider some more to figure out a similiar strain.
  8. "Bullrider" is a commercial strain out of <ST1:pCalifornia</ST1:p. It's primarily grown for its yield but is uncharacteristically strong for a commercial strain. It's also known for its very sweet aftertaste when blazed. The high of this erb is said to be so strong that it makes you feel like you've ridden a bull as the name suggests. As far as I know Bullrider is a (clone only) or cultivar strain therefore is unavailable in seed form, and barring a hookup of some kind well outside the reach of most Marijuana horticulturalists.

    Sorry bro.

    Stay green.
  9. if you answer 2 q: have you ever even smoked the rider?if so what did it do for you?

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