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  1. What is the advanced growing technique where you use a small amount of soil and cut the bottom out of a pot to let the roots grow out so they dont bind up??

    I remember seeing a thread on here awhile ago but now i cant find it, figured i'd explore some 'advanced growing' :rolleyes: with a few clones

    Or if you know some other tricky ways to grow, link that sh*t :cool:
  2. If you let the roots grow out the bottom, they'd need to be kept moist & in the dark. What you're describing sounds like a Hydro system with soil as a medium.
  3. Right now i have a clear plastic cup above a jiffy pot. And its defiantly growing, so we'll see. Its just an experiment now, im guessing the thread i saw was deleted. So i guess ill make one eventually :)
  4. If I remember correctly the point was to let the roots reach the air so that they die and constantly have new roots growing. So that more nutrients go to the top of the plant instead of being trapped in the roots coiled at the bottom.. We shall see
  5. Letting the root die?? Man uve been smoking too much.. New roots not always come from the top
  6. I've seen a technique similar to what you're talking about, but after cutting the bottom off of one container, you place it on top of another pot filled with soil. This lets the roots grow down into the second container, keeping them from getting root bound
  7. ^^ why wouldnt someone just transplant it into a bigger pot?

  8. First of all im not retarded, second of all theres no such thing as smoking to much. If i had the thread to show you maybe you would understand better..
    but since i dont ill try to break it down so you can understand... from what i remember - not saying it works or anything - but if you do this, you can grow a plant with a very small amount of soil. the point was to let the roots grow out of the bottom of the pot and have a screen or something with holes for the roots to grow thru, then they would die and more nutrients would be used at the top of the plant instead of at the bottom all trapped in the coiled up roots at the bottom.. comprende?

  9. thats the whole point, is so you dont have to.....
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    In theory, you get however much soil you had plus the new pot. For example if the top pot is 1g and the bottom is 5g you'd have 6g of soil. I see some people use this when they don't feel comfortable removing their plant from the other pot or if they are using a loose medium like perlite (this mostly applies to hydro style grows though)

  11. BINGO! thank you - 'air pruning'

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