Anyone know this weed?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bobby820, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]

    Has almost no smell.. But it's a good smoke..
  2. I have about .75g of something that looks identical. Knocks you off your feet. Shit was $70 an 8th....I know mine came from Colorado

  3. too hard to tell u the strain with a pic, unless u know who grew it, small chance u will find out. looks nice though, have fun smoking.
    phisher_man-u paid $70 for an 1/8??
  4. Bobby820 where are you in SO. Cal? im in the santa barbara - Santa ynez area.
  5. Dankalishious! buddy id sugest blunt all the way if it wasnt so wasteful... but who knows maby u got the bling bling to be rollen them choclate philleys (sp?) with.... anyhows... *smoke* :D
  6. I got an OZ of this blunts will be smoked...
  7. Old Man I'm in San Diego area
  8. It could be anything.
  9. send some my way id tell ya
  10. 70 an 1\8 is proposterous a "slice" around here is half that

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