Anyone know this bong?

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    I just got it for free. anyone know about it?

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  2. Yeah, I met it him in college.
  3. Hahahahahahaha.

  4. Damn you beat me to it when i saw the title i had to but, ugh you win. This time!
  5. funny cuz i thought i saw that pic in a craigslist ad a week or two ago. but if you really did get it for free, you scored. LUX= RooR U.S.
  6. that would be a LUX bong. pretty much the same as Roor. they are pretty good.
  7. And it has a roor downstem. Who gave that away for free?
  8. this. lux is the U.S. roor brand pretty much

    looks like a nice piece to me, i'd love to meet her some time :)
  9. That joint angle looks ridiculous...
  10. I know its my bong and i want it back.
  11. I keep seeing these cool bong pics, than I look at my crap old dime a dozen plastic bong, lol, oh well I'm looking into getting a new one in a week or so
    nice pics!!
  12. yeah thats a mini lux.

    they run between 250-300 at my shop

    you just got hooked up dog:wave:
  13. damn dude. congrats, free LUX? :eek:
  14. How the fuck did you get that for free?

    People don't just give away a LUX where I'm from.

    I don't doubt you, I'm just really curious.

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