Anyone know of some sick bowls for sale? 100 price range. Standard Size

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  1. Title I'm looking for some custom yet efficient bowls. Can't seem to find to many. Size 14mm Standard

  2. Honestly there aren't too many heady bowls that I like.  After using bowls with built in screens I find it annoying to use a one hole slide now.  Sovereignty makes 4 hole worked bowls, they're martini style but with color work and some dichro.  Salt makes heady 3 hole slides and ben wilson makes some worked disc slides. 
  3. Yeah salt definitely couples function with art/ design. I've had three, and I loved them. But they tend to be a little more than $100. Snic also makes some cool looking slides that are also in that $100 dollar range. Not sure if Snic does push, or pinch in his slides though... Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    I second B. Wilson.
    I've been looking at slides by Ski Mask lately.
  5. best will prob be b wilson for under 100, they are $50 I think have one of the nicest screens. Check out alt
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    I've got a line worked B. Wilson that functions great and is very pleasing to the eyes. Well worth the 70$ I paid.
    EDIT: It's a one-hitter bowl which is my fancy, if you don't like one-hitters I would suggest against the B. Wilson and look into other options.
    EDIT2: There's this one available at SSFG if you fancy it. You can e-mail them for more pictures if you're interested. They're good people to do business with.
  7. Go To for some cheap sick bubblers and bowl i got a hammer bubbler and a grinder for my friend on there for around 20$
  8. b.wilson makes bigger ones now
  9. Yea I love one hitters to idk why my friends don't. I think I'm going to go with a B. Wilson.
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