anyone know of some nasty, in your face pungent strains?

Discussion in 'General' started by TimeIsMoney1, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Looking for a strain that you can smell the nasty raw skunk from inside a few ziplock backs and when you open it it hits every part of your nose
    Know what im sayin? Any recommendations? Thanks

  2. Try some Romulan its pretty skanky or that GDP is always a champion.

  3. sour diesel
    chemdog D
    chemdog #4
  4. how nasty cause theres baby shit smellin weed if you like
  5. Sour d was my go to. But what one? The original is Clone only ;( i heard good things about Reservas Sour D. Might go for that
    Also i dont know much about the lineage of Chemdog. 
  6. Whatever makes you say "God damn" when you open the bag is what im looking for
  7. last real strong one i did was rainbow jones...connoisseur has lots of stanky strains and chem crosses too
    chemdog.. without chemdog there's no sour d or og kush.

  9. Kingsbread smells like God's feet...pungent, very unique aroma....kept wanting to break it up SNIFFFFF :yummy:
  10. Scat Haze, Analflower Kush, Diarrhea Widow
  11. love me some stank weed
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    DNL: RFK skunk female (NL x  Shiva Skunk)/Hawaiian male x NL male.
    sent a buddy home with some chem 4 x sour d the other day and he said it stunk through the mason jar.

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