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anyone know of a good bear repellent?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 70s, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. yeah so i found one of my plants derooted, seedlings flipped over on their side, and other plants very dirty this morning caused by some kind of animal. my guess either a coon or a bear. i was pretty damn pissed. yesterday i fed my plants their first dosage of fish emulsion so that has got to be the reason why they messed up now. if it was a bear it was a small bear but still a threat to my babies. im just askin for help from any growers that had these experiences. i had a bottle of piss next to my plot but i guess whatever animal was messin wit my babies was not startled by my piss. any bear or coon repellents out there?? i know most of you are going to say cage and yes that is my LAST resort. thanks homies:wave::bongin:
  2. 2 buddies and 3 shotguns

  3. you trippin on this thread or sum?
  4. Bears arent scared of human urine, its just that they know you have been there. Most of the time it will deter them because they dont want any trouble so they will go around, but sometimes they will anyway just for shits and giggles. Capsaicin is another thing that deters bears, its found in pepper spray, or you can make your own brew out of chili pepper, habeneros, jalepenos, crushed red pepper and put it around your plot, it has to be a very potent capsaicin mixture. Another thing you could try doing it getting a hammer and nails and gathering long logs about 3-4 inches thick then nail them to all trees going around your plot, nail 1 log 1.5 feet off the ground, then another 3.5 feet off the ground, then another at 5.5 feet and that will easily stop bears.
  5. thanks for the reply forty. the repelent does sounds like it might do the trick. nailing logs to the tress is an awsome idea as well for a barrier, but bears are smart animals. if they smell fish, they will try and find it some how. instead of making my own repellent as you said, is their a similar repellent that i could buy from a store? if you know of any? thanks +rep
  6. Place hundreds of picnics around the plants then when he stops to take a look, shoot him!
  7. browndirt uses moth balls...idk why something about the active ingredient but he said its the only thing he knows of that works...idk look into it
  8. Use a different fertilizer?
  9. Coon are my biggest problem, they will even rip a fence that is staked down, right out of the ground when they want to. They just dig in the dirt until it sits for awhile. Sounds like maybe that fish emulsion attracted them. I made my own hot pepper repellent last week and will be able to give you the results in my journal this weekend. Besides fencing I've tried moth balls, human piss, coyote piss, fox piss, none except the fence even slows them down. Good Luck ! Let me know if you find something that works.:smoking:
  10. hang a steak and a trout around your neck
  11. Beets. It's common knowledge that bears have an unreasonable fear of beets. Or maybe they have an unreasonable affinity for beets...

    Well, there's only one to find out.

    Animal testing!
  12. I grow in an area with both bears and coons and never have trouble. Firstly, NEVER use any sort of fish ferts, bears will dig half-way to China looking for that fish. Also blood or bone meal is a no-no. Guano is usually OK but to be safe I stick to chemical ferts.
  13. mothballs will deter most anything.

    scatter them throughout the garden and replace when rains.

    also cigarette butts. smells like humans,tobacco and fire which all animals hate.

    fire is animals natural ememy and you can bet animals know to stay away from fire and that smell.
  14. i have a cup of mothballs besides them at the moment. i think i might just through up some deer netting . hopefully they will know not to mess with it. i really want to use this emulsion to its potential without the threat of animals going for it again. i lucked out the first time.
  15. AK47 (and I don´t mean the MJ strain)!!
  16. Am thinkin a 450 Marlin 1895M should serve you well !!

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