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Anyone know if "Ultimate gold" detoc drink works?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Justin23, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Trying to pass drug test. 4 days of no smoking and I have "Ultimate gold" detox drink. It says it works in less than 60 minutes.
  2. nope doesnt work

    be sure to NOT EAT before your drug test

    or you can try to outsmart the system
    ive been on probation for a year so im a sneaky bastard when it comes to drug testing. i keep a huge bottle full of my own clean piss (month long T-break) in a pretzel box in my freezer to keep it fresh. I then get a smaller bottle (hotel shampoo, mini listorine, visine bottle) and put the urine from the larger bottle into it, then put it in the freezer after. then when the test comes i put the mini bottle already thawed into the waistband of my boxers. If they dont watch you then you take the bottle out and put it in the cup. If they do, put the bottle in the peehole with your penis. Then piss for a few seconds, and stop just long enough to empty the content of the small bottle of the piss into the test cup. Then proceed to use your penis to urinate until your finished. Conceal the bottle, and yoru golden.
    Keeping it warm is the hard part. sometimes breathing on the temp. strip helps.
  3. I bought ultimate gold and it worked. be sure to follow directions. do not listen to bad reviews. some people give opinions without any knowledge on subjects. I took my test today and it tested neg. as soon as they pealed the protective cover off its best to not smoke 48 hours before test. ps all you haters stop giving opinions instead of facts
  4. all detox drinks are is water, vitamin b complex, and creatine. You can either buy these ingredients seperately for $10 and use them repeatedly, or spend $40-60 on a one-time use item.

    The water is for dilution so you'll pass, the vitamin b complex colors your urine yellow, and the creatine is in case they do a creatine test to see if you diluted.
  5. My buddy got piss from a friend put it in a spice bottle. Before he went to drive to the place of testing he put the piss in the microwave. When he got there he then proceeded to check the temp with a thermometer letting it cool to 100 he then went in with it taped to the inside of his boxers. Passed!
  6. It does work.

    Its an imitation piss. I would drink 1 gallon of water for 2 days before. Make sure when you go to sleep your pissing clear. Then make sure you piss in the morning. By day of the test you should be able to clear your piss early and with very little water.

    Then you follow the instructions. The worst is having to wait, when you have to piss very bad, usually within that 1 hour I can piss twice, once to make sure it goes clear to yellow then for the piss test. Then usually I have to piss again when I get home.

    There are a few other ways, but they all come about the same routine and conclusion. I would not want to take someone elses piss in, I did this through a govt program and only once I got confident and did some coke; It was day 4 in my system. 1 year and 1/2, but towards the end I stopped to not chance it to get out of the program. You can find it online for 20, but most places will sell it at 30/40.
  7. May I ask how much u weigh? lol...I weigh 190 and have to go drop tomorrow. I haven't smoked since Monday, I have been eating light foods, and drinking a lot of water as well. I'm Just nervous!!! I have the 20 oz Ultimate Gold, but not sure if it's going to help me pass. I am a heavy smoker and just found out I may be drug tested in the morning! Had I known sooner, I would have quit! So if nothing else, wish me luck? :D

  8. Chek out sumthin called quik fix!!!! Its the best!!! No drinking nuthin!!.. i passed a government job wit dat shytt!!..its like 25$... i quit buing them detox drinks just cause u have to stop smokin for a couple dayz.... quik fix... i keep an extra lol

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