Anyone know how to use this?!

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  1. yes, my buddy and i picked this up at a smokeshop a few weeks ago...and still haven't figured out how to use it. from the pics, it looks like a mix between a hookah and a bong, except no matter how little/much water you put in it, it still doesn't work, too much and you suck up water, too little and it doesn't work, my friend had an idea which we haven't tried yet, but i figured i'd post on here if anyone has ever boughten and used something like this. it only cost $35 brand new, so we don't care if we need to ruin it into something else if we can't figure it out

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  2. No experience with pieces like this, just guessing based on your pictures...weed (or whatever you smoke) goes in the bowl on top, water goes in the base, and you hit it via the hoses. You light it for each hit like smoking a pipe but it's designed similarly to a hookah. From the way it sounds (and this is the case with a lot of cheap pipes) the water level has to be PERFECT to avoid a mouthful but still make it bubble. I would say a longer stem but good luck finding that, you could also try pushing that rubber grommet further up towards the top of the stem (if that's possible, you might need to cut out the middle a tiny bit to allow that from the looks of it.)
  3. Technically it is a hookah... Made out of a grommet style bong. If i were you... I'd go but a new grommet downstem that fits it and forget about the hoses.
  4. Technically its a shitty bong turned into a shitty hookah
  5. [quote name='"HotDish"']

    Technically its a shitty bong turned into a shitty hookah[/quote]

    For full effect, imagine in this guys voice..

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  6. Looks like a shitty hookah with a slide. Its just common sense man. The hoses are so low they're practically in the water chamber. Raise them so they're about midway, and cover up the holes, and I bet you it'll work.

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