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anyone know how to make gold/blonde hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im_doing_me, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. anyone know how why and how basicly to get yellow hash. and not just saying get yellow kif lol
  2. I'm pretty sure blonde hash is just kif compressed into a block. I could be wrong ive only bought it once.
  3. its just more finely sifted
  4. the last filter-bag on a ice-o-lator gets some good amber heads in it.dry and press for storage...hold in palm till soft then mush it around till it turns to be sitting when smoking at this
  5. blonde hash is pressed with out heat

    usually dry dry chief so when pressed the heat don't turn the chief black

    black hash starts out as chief ( blonde in color ) they add water /tea mix chief into ball heat slightly roll with pin heat roll heat roll until its al black throughout and nice and soft malleable black hash

    leb blonde is blonde cut they let the flowers dry for months after harvest

    thus the dry chief don't rupture under pressure causing dark brown outer layer but still blonde inside

    when the chief is super dry it presses completely blonde inside and outer shell

    giving you true blonde hash

    blonde leb made from indica with sativa like effects

    use sativa dominant green crack strain use a dry sift tumbler "tumble now" or mini chief sift box i bought mine on wacky

    go there to see what im referring to then google to find them in your local area


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