anyone know how to make a bill?

Discussion in 'General' started by hiddenmuggle, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. we have a fairly diverse crowd here so maybe someone could help me. My former best friend went a little nutters on me back in February and decided that I was a bad person to have in her life. She conveniently did this right before she got her taxes back, with which she was supposed to repay me a $1500 loan with. She gave me a $500 check and wrote on a sticky note that she'd get me the other $1000 later, but alas I have not heard a peep from her nor seen hide nor hair of her since February. She said some pretty hurtful things and therefor I have no desire to talk to her, but I do want my $1000 back so it has been suggested to me to send her a bill in the mail to try to get her to pay up. It's probably a long shot. She's a single mother and can't manage money worth shit, but it's a step towards getting it back. But I have no idea how to create a bill. does anyone know how I do this? Do I just use excel or word or what? And what do I put in it?

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