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Anyone know how to get rid of/stop yourself getting red eye

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bingtidy, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. I think this is fairly self explanatory
  2. Drink more water and don't get any smoke in your eyes and it won't be as bad. But weed makes your blood vessels widen which is why your eyes get red. I don't even care about red eyes anymore because no one really gives a shit if you got red eyes.
    Don't use eye drops often they cause more harm then good.
  3. my problem is not red eyes but low eyes. My eyes are always white but the skin tissue around my eyes always gets dark and it's hard to keep my eyes fully open. I haven't found anything to help that. I also heard a rumor that the more weed you smoke, the less your eyes get red (but that could be a joke lol)
  4. Are you smoking a heavy indica? Indicas make me tired as hell and make my eyes droop like you are saying. Sativa makes my eyes red but dont have as much of a problem with baggy eyes.
  5. i always use eye drops with great success. as for that low eyed look, your fucked. say it is allergies and go see a doctor. just be sure your low eyed when you go so that what ever he prescribes you can share what it is if it works.

    i am beyond the point if giving any fucks at all about that kind of thing. there was a time when i was younger when that knowledge would have been golden.
  6. You can't dude but the more you smoke in the future the less red your eyes will get
  7. It's true. There could be strain-related variables but I've experienced less red-eye after accumulating tolerance. I get droopy, glistening eyes no matter what, though.

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