anyone know how to cover the scent in school if a drug dog comes?

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  1. yeah dude. our bastard police unit got a new k9. and it can sniff out pretty much any drug except for like pills and shit. this would be very helpful if someone could be courteous and reply. because i always bring weed to school. and i need to know what to do if athe pigs come with a dog
  2. umm dont bring it to school?.....but if you do keep it on you i know at my high school they could only use the dogs to sniff cars/lockers and couldnt get them close to the kids because they might attack or something
  3. Just don't bring it to school. :confused_2:
  4. i agree witht he hemp. although if you absolutely must, i always thought a good hiding place as in the cieling. my school, amlost every room/hallway had a dropped cieling, just find an out of the way hallway/rooma nd stick it up there. carefull though cause my school had a shit load of hidden cams everywhere.
  5. keep it in your pocket/bookbag, trust me on this.

    they can only search lockers and cars (that are in the school designated parking lot) you're fine as long as you keep it on you.
  6. when i was in Highschool my mom would always leave to work before I woke up in the morning so Id just toke in the garage or in my car that was parked in my garage, leave my stuff at home, and then go to school. My car got searched senior year cuz i smoked in it like i said before school, and even volunteered to have my car searched first and the cop said "wow no one ever volunteers" i was like 'ya i just want to go back to class soon :smoke:" they were real cool and real nice to my car n didnt tear it up..i could tell walkin back inside that alot of people werent havin such an easy time..--I parked my car in the very very most farthest parking spot in the lot, and they were like oh no wonder it [dog] jumped at it..
    That day for lunch I went home and got super ripped, Id go around and talk to all the hallway monitor/cops all high afterwards haha its always best to have the last laugh

    I even got tipped off about it, some girl workin in the office during free period or something must have had the hots for me called me and told me I was going to die that day, so i made sure to get extra ripped that day. Low and behold it was dog day
    Or they will be clever n bring them in on 4/20
  7. Keep it on you but beware, they can search you no matter what as long as you are enrolled at hte school and on the property.
  8. Agreed.

  9. yea dude dont bring it to school. Those dogs can sniff out resin left under your fingernails and shit like that. Theyre no joke. If a dog comes near you, better get ready for the consequences. I have heard that you can put weed in a can of coffee beans to hide the scent. I dont think the dogs can smell through that....but its just what I heard...

  10. Dont do that. They can smell through coffee.
  11. Ive herd of wolf piss throwing the dogs off. May not be true tho
  12. coffee bean is a bad idea. a teacher at my school had a bag of dog food in his face and got searched

    fireworks will also get you suspended and will get found during a dog search lol
  13. I read the title wrong, and my stupid response is this :

    If the drug dog 'comes' while he's at the school, it probably won't smell too bad.
  14. idk what kinda k9 they got where ur at but ours dont search for bottle rockets. anyways we had the k9s search our school last year and they searched the parkinglot too and me and atleast 5 other kids i know had bud in there cars, and i know there had to been more kids than that. but the dogs didnt find anything so idk if i got lucky it was windy that day or what but man was i shaking in the classroom
  15. This works... so buy a big bottle of wolf piss and before school pour it on all your stuff! I used to do it! :metal: haha man that would be a terrible idea... man I'm stoned and i have actually been thinking about this for a few minutes, the only way you can be sure not to get caught is to not take it to school man.. I've heard taking the cellophane cover off a cig pack and burning it shut and a dog can't smell it... but that idea seems a little fishy to me, because when you have some real skunky dank you can smell it through the cellophane, and if i can smell it, Rover can too.
  16. this one time in high school i brought a sack to school cuz it was finals week and i was gonna toke up with some friends after finals for that day and i guess someone called in a bomb threat hoping to get more study time i was scared shitless that they would bring k9s and i would be fucked but i guess they figured out it was a phony threat and we all went back to class n finished finals. then we rolled a fatty but yeah pertaining to your question..dont bring it or keep it on you
  17. if anything bad happens just dip out the back door, if security chases you, run, its better to ditch a class than get busted with dope on school grounds....
  18. step 1: g to google
    step 2: type in tv links
    step 3: click the first result
    step 4: go to the "documentaries" tab on that website
    step 5: find the video that is called "never get busted"
    step 6: watch it and learn everything there is to know about weed and drug dogs and how not to get caught
  19. lol im dead stoned right now...but i remember one time my friend sent me some kush over ups and wut he did was he carved out a candle and put a well sealed bag of the weed in it and reseald it bac with wax... idk if u mind carrying a wax candle with u but wut will they think if a dog sniffs out a wax candle... not tooo suspicious right... but like i siad it could be a dumb idea ... i cant think any moooooore
  20. Dude,you should get some of that dog hormone shit and put it on your back pack.So then the dog will start to hump your back pack and the police will be like,"WTF??" and leave you alone.It always works for ;)

    I hope you did not think I was serious.

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