Anyone know how much good seed are going for ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Twisted_wood, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,I was just wondering how much are good seeds going for ?. The reason being is because I have some killer ass seeds. I have three of my friends some seeds last year and all three did excellent with their harvest . I gave one friend.50 seeds and 49 of them came up all female. He was a experienced grower and ended up producing anywhere from 2-3 pounds per plant . Yes you heard me right ,2-3 lbs per plant). Another friend who is a somewhat experenced grower I gave her 5 seeds, and all 5 came up all female. She got anywhere from a pound to a pound and a half left plant . She grows many different things strains,including Jack Here's, Blue kush, Diesel ,and other strains. After getting my strain out there ,she said her customers all wanted my strain . She had to stop selling it ,because it was her favorite too and we are talking seasoned smokers. I'm talking veterans ..The other friend ,averaged about a pound per plant and he was a novice (he did his research and is a pretty smart guy ). I had given him 5 seeds also .. So my question is how much h for good seeds. I didn't give any out this year and none of these friends had cloned any from there plants. I know people are gonna ask so I'll just say it now. The mother plant was Kong.. That much I know . The other plant that I assume pollinated Kong was a good sativa from Arizona. That's all I know . Can I guarantee tbem to be all female . I'm not sure . But this is what happened . Apparently you my plant got pollinated (obviously). Right before I harvested the mother ,exactly half the plant ( imagine talking a marker and drawing a line right down the middle of the plant )all on one side produced the seeds .. The other half not a one seed in it ....So there you have it (does that guarantee female seeds ,idk )
  2. A 6 pack in CO cost about $20-$40.
  3. Really, one place here on the Western Slope has some from $88 -128 per 6.
  4. "The Green Solution" is selling 6 packs for 19.95, just checked the site. They have a ton of locations all over the state. Even "The Clinic" sells their "premium" seeds 7 for $49.95. Can't imagine paying $100 for seeds, yikes!
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  5. Hello Twisted Wood. In my opinion your plant must have hermied to have produced all female seeds and that trait is often passed down. I'd have to say your seeds, even though you've had excellent results, are basically worthless for selling as no one wants hermies. If they were pollinated by a male Sativa then you'd get the usual male/female ratio. I'm not an expert. It's also my opinion that as expensive and time consuming it is to grow you should start with the best seeds you can afford.
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