Anyone know how i can get money in two days

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nickbic, Mar 21, 2012.

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    im broke and need money, if i had $40 i could make nice special cookies that i could sell and get atleast $100, then i could buy plant nutrients that i need, but the thing is i have no way to get $40, ive got nothing i want to sell and cant get a job. HELP!

  2. Suck dick for money. Crackheads do that all the time, works for them! :cool:
  3. Sell some stuff from around the house get money quickly buy it back? Or borrow from someone but make sure to give it back when you said you were
  4. Wait, why can't you get a job?

    Anyway, you could go collect cans and other recyclable metals. It's slow money, but it's money.
  5. sell your plasma
  6. robbery works bro
  7. dude the tvs one thing i wont sell and a job wont pay fast
  8. Know any bounty hunters
  9. Get on craigslist and go to the gigs section, a lot of people on there will pay you like a hundred bucks to come clean up their yard or take em to the airport or some dumb shit.
  10. If it's legal in his states. Some states, like California have banned the selling of any and all blood products. You can only donate here.
  11. Asking for advice on this forum really isn't the best idea.
  12. you need some money quick ?
    time to hit a lick
    steal a bitches brick
    and double back then flip
  13. dont you think if there was a way that people knew they would do it and capitalize off that shit.

  14. Yeah I have never done it myself as they are too far away to be profitable for me, but I hear some success.
  15. WTF?!? is this an episode of fucking Trailer Park Boys?
    [ame=]Trailer Park Boys - Ricky Gets Shot in the Ass - YouTube[/ame]
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    Wow not one for the big picture are you?

    I suppose instead of getting a job and being patient, you will just sit around your whole life moving from one get-rich-quick scheme to the next?

    Just think, if you had started a job two weeks ago, you would probably have your money in 2 days (if not already). You've got to start at some point, and "I'm broke and need money now" is pretty much the lamest excuse I've ever heard for not getting a job. :p
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    Sell drugs and steal shit.

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