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  1. So my computer has been acting up alot lately from having error messages pop up when I first start the computer to it just shutting down on its own sometimes. I know I have a vundo virus or something and used a program to try and remove it but it didnt work. I also have avg and it still wont fix the problem. It is a sony vaio that is about 3 or 4 years old and has only about 3 gb of space left on the hd.

    I asked my friend who is pretty good with computers to help and he said the best thing to do is just save on my separate HD the files I need and delete everything else but how exactly would I go about doing this or should I do something else? Im not sure where the disks are
    that came with them but maybe I could find them.

    Any ideas for what I should do? New computer in my midst?
  2. What type of antivirus did you try??
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    Honestly, I don't know how much luck you're going to have. There may be a risk of spreading the virus if you copy any old files onto a clean hard drive, but I don't know for sure.

    For safety's sake, whenever you get this all taken care of, partition your hard drive so that your personal files are all separate from the operating system and the program files. Make a disk image of the program files sector and every now and then take an image of your personal files, that way if something gets fucked you can just pop in a cd and return it to whatever it was like when you took the image.
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    talk to taxman he went to collage for pcs.

    wait he is here now ill just leave this up for him and have him get back to you
    well depends what operating system u have to reformat it but yeah reformating would be ur best bet because it probly by now has spread to many system files i use avast for an anti virus and kaspersky is good too...also if u dont have the os cds just make an unattended version of it if u have windows if u have linux then u can get a new cd for free easy and if u have a mac just unplug it carefullyand then grab it by the handle and toss it out ur window and build a pc anyways if u need any other info feel free to msg me on my myspace ( or AIM (Pirated)
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  6. No - you don't need a new computer. Just reformat that one. Reinstall windows XP or whatever OS you are using...

    You can download all of the drivers for your computer on the manufacturers website.
  7. You need to find those CDs. At this point, there's no use in getting rid of the virus... the damage is already done. You have to use the restore disks to set is back to factory default. THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING!!!
    EDIT: A new laptop wouldn't hurt either.
  8. Try Avast at

    They have a free home version registration that works fine.
    I used to recommend AVG but they've had issues the last few years.

    If all you do is surf the net and post pictures.... try
    Download and burn it.
    Make sure your computer will boot from CD
    Reboot your computer with the CD in.

    You already know how to use Firefox... everything else should be self explanatory :)

    The other route is to find a working copy of a Windows operating system with registration key and do a complete re-install.

    If you DO copy things over from a harddrive you backed them up on... make sure you install Avast first and THEN hook the drive up. Do a complete scan before using or copying any of your old files.

    That should do it. :)

    Call your local college and ask for the number for the local computer group. You should be able to get a highly qualified geek to help you out for next to nothing. :)
  9. Ive tried avg, spy doctor, windows protector or something and some free scans off the internet. Im really bad with computers so I really dont know much to do.
  10. also do a trendmicro housecall internet scan

    also download adaware.

    run in this order:

    adaware. Clean and disinfect.
    AVG. Clean and kill everything.
    Trendmicro housecall over the internet. Kill everything.
    Reboot computer

    Repeat 2x.

    If you still have problems PM me and I'll help you figure it out. Only twice have I ever had to reformat a PC harddrive due to a virus and I've worked on a fair number of machines for family and friends and myself.
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  12. Best thing to do if its really bad is back up all your important data and then reformat the OS using a windows disc. Once you have a clean install install some anti virus and anti spyware software and be more wear when surfing porn!
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    I'm a computer geek. Worked in the I.T. industry for seven years, college degree in computer science and 6 certifications. I spent seven years telling my clients that the best way to protect their data, and their pc is to always back up your important data to a CD or DVD, and always have a reputable and up to date anti-virus program on your pc. No one ever listened. People always come to me with a pc that's got some virus, and of course they don't have a reputable and up to date anti-virus software, and they never backed up their data. They think just because I'm a computer engineer that I can miraculously fix their pc. Most of the time, by the time they bring me their pc, the virus has corrupted so much of their data it can't be salvaged. When people loose important data, and have to go out and buy a copy of XP because they lost their restart CD is when they start to take my advice seriously.

    At this point, your options are limted. You should back up your data to a read/write medium, such as a USB drive or external HD. Then, re-install your OS, and immediately install a legitamite and reputable anti-virus software like McAfee or Norton. Update the anti-virus definitions until there are no more updates. Then, plug the USB drive or external HD into your pc. Run a virus check on the data on the removable drive. IF AND ONLY IF the data is clean, or the anit-virus program can remove/repair all infected files should you move the data onto your newly formatted HD (if you put infected files back onto your freshly formatted HD, you will just be re-installing the virus). After that, invest in a DVD burner if you don't already have one on your pc. Buy a few re-writeable DVD's, then use a reliable CD/DVD burner program like Nero to back up your data weekly onto the re-writable disk. That way, if you ever get a virus again, or your hard drive just dies, at least you didn't loose all your important data. You would just have to reformat the hard drive, and re-install your apps and data. Doing all this is a time consuming pain in the ass, and that's IF you even know how to do it. But once your pc is infected, what else can you do?

    If you want your computer to run right, you have to do a certain amount of maintenance on it, just like you have to maintain your car or it will stop running one day. About 200 new virus', trojans, etc. come out every month, so if you go 3 months without updating your virus definitions, that's 600 virus' your not protected against. It's not enough to go out and buy an anti-virus program, you have to pay for the yearly updates and remember to update the virus definitions regularly. If you can't afford the $40 a year it costs to buy the anti-virus updates, then check with your ISP (internet service provider) and see if they offer anti-virus software for free. Many of them do. I have high speed internet through my local cable TV company. They offer McAfee anti-virus with free updates. The software works as good as any you can go out and buy, and it can be set to update automatically so you don't even have to think about it.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm lecturing. But like I said, I've been giving people this advice for many years, and inevitably they don't listen until the day comes when their pc is messed up and all their important data is gone.

    Good luck rebuilding your software environment. :)
  14. The easiest and most stress-free way of doing it would probably be just save all your pictures, files and music and such on cd roms, then re-install your operating system like the smart dude above me said.
  15. you dont need a new comkputer,just do as your friend said if you want to completely erase your comp after you save vital documents to an external HD put in your windows xp disk and boot from the cd and it will ask if you want to do a complete system restore and just clikck yes
  16. Fresh install, should be done once in a great while anyways.
  17. stop downloading porn off limewire.
  18. Take Skunks Advise. I own and operate a pc repair company. Best thing you can do at this point is save your important files to disk and format your HD then reisntall your OS. If you can't find your OS disk, try Housecalls online scan. It has proven useful to many people. When it ends it will give you a list of the items it couldn't fix and their locations. Most Viruses bury them selves into the windows system32 folder. Take note of where these files are located on your hard drive from housecall. Reboot your computer in safemode using F8 track these files down and delete them. Chances are you might get lucky, most of the BS people pick up online these days is superficial. Though there is a chance it may have damaged some important operating files. I which case with limited computer knowledge your only option will be a repair shop or a re-format and re-install of your OS.. A new computer is not necessary unless you just want something faster. If you need more help visit my forums at Good luck ..

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