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Anyone know anything about sports memorabilia?

Discussion in 'General' started by PaperZonly, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Went to a UT spring game for a 4H trip back in 4th grade in 1995. I got a hat signed that day, and about a week ago my mom basically gave me my whole childhood, just random stuff she had saved all in a massive tupperware container, and I'll be damned! That hat was in there. And Peyton Manning's signature is on the top right corner. #16 I need to know where I can get a full roster w/ jersey numbers from the 95-96 UT Vols? Considering I hold it until after his retirement and how he finishes out his career is gonna depend on value obviously. But if he carries out the last leg as he has his entire career. Maybe gets 1 more ring? Then what would be the value of this piece of memorabilia? I'm not hurting for $ thank god, so I'm willing to hold it for however many years. Also, what do I need to get to keep this thing in the shape it's in without fading any signatures? I got onto George Jones tour bus a couple years ago back in Athens Ga and had him sign a hat I was wearing and the damn signature is fading because I had it on my wall. So I definitely don't want that happening to the Vols hat.
  2. you lucky son of a bitch

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