anyone know anything about networking?

Discussion in 'General' started by undrunk, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Hey, I need to set up my house with a network. If anyone's done this before, maybe you can help me because the most networking i've done is a connection from one pc to another laptop.
  2. I'm gonna need more information than that to help you. I set up a wireless network in my house so that I could get cable internet easily on my laptop and not have to run wires to my brother's pc. I have a friend with a major network in his house. He has a router and wireless access point in his dad's office, then on the other side of his house, in his room, he has another router and wireless access point. He has 3 or 4 computers in his room right now and just acquired a 366 MHz laptop that he's going to use for a juke box for his bathroom. I helped him set up linux for his first time the other day.
  3. thanks for taking a little time out to listen,
    My internet comes in on cable. From there I was thinking of connecting it straight to a 4 port router and send it from those to three pc s on this main floor. from the last port on the router, I was thinking of running another wire through the floor (the hole's already there) and then into another router and send it out again to three more pc s. Is this possible? and what kind of degridation am I expecting for the furthest pc downstairs?
    Another option that I was hoping to implement is the wireless acess point... If I attach that at the end of one of the ports of the first router, will that access point be able to serve two different laptops?

    thanks again,
  4. Still nothing, eh guys?
  5. You can connect two routers. I haven't done it, but a friend has. I think you have to set a switch or use a specific port on your router depending on what router you have. Wireless is incredibly easy to do. I bought my wireless 3 port router with print server for $50 on ebay. It can serve over 200 wireless devices. The signal goes 300 feet in open space and drops to 100 through walls for wireless. If I remember correctly, the signal running through a wire degrades after 300 feet. You just have to place the routers less than 300 feet away from each other and you should have little degradation. Also, you can get wireless cards for your pc's. USB wireless cards are really cheap, but aren't nearly as fast as a card you have to install (which isn't hard) and it doesn't cost too incredibly much more.

    Sorry about the late reply, I didn't see the thread up near the top of the forum and I didn't feel like looking for it because I couldn't remember what forum it was in.
  6. I appreciate the help, man. no worries about the length of time. I doubt you'll even see this "thanks"

    I'll probably end up using an 8 port router. I want to check the prices of things.

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