Anyone know anything about locks?

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  1. So my sister is coming to visit me at my place and isn't aware that I smoke pot, trip on shrooms etc. and I'd rather keep it that way for simplicity's sake :rolleyes:. I wanted to get some kind of lock to put on my door just so when I'm out and about or whatever she doesn't stumble in and find my stash and then we get into some huge argument or something. I was gonna get a deadbolt but obviously that doesn't work from outside. What's a simple, cheap lock I can buy that's two-way and easy to install?

    thanks guys.
  2. I mean unless your sister is super spy she's prolly not gona bust your door down searching for drugs anyways check out home depot.
  3. A deadbolt will work from the outside - you use the key. You might be talking about something else. A deadbolt will be a lot of work to install if you want to keep the doorknob you have now. If it's an interior door, like on your bedroom, go to the home center and get a new interior door knob that has a key lock to replace the one you have now. Should be a pretty clean swap. Check how thick your door blank is and make sure the new knob you get works for that thickness.
  4. a deadbolt on a bedroom door will probably just arouse more suspicion. Maybe instead you should get a nice sturdy lockbox that has a combo lock or key lock. then hide that shit under a pile of clothes, in your hamper, somehwere
  5. id either look into a simple lock from home depot you could install in ten minutes or just invest in a safe. safes are badass dude you really cant go wrong
  6. Did you really make yourself a GrassCity forum account just to get hits on your “ what are the different kinds of locks” page?


    Usually Spam is reported around here I am thinking that a discussion on locks is probably about as harmless as it can get…

    Hey good luck man

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  7. Wtf man the thread is 8 years old and they are trying that shit lmao. Not even gonna report them made me giggle lol.

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