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Anyone know any trippy movies to watch while stoned?

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by MarkLim, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Fantastic Planet

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  2. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas is more appropriate if you're on psychedelics.
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  3. This is the End!!
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  4. Blue Velvet with Dennis Hopper. He is a total Psycho!
  5. never mind lol
  6. Ripped... it's on Netflix right now...watched it twice already and bout to laugh at that shit again...lol
  7. i was super high when i watched 2012 in theaters and to this day i swear Los Angeles doesnt exist anymore.
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  9. GUMMO def the weirdest movie I've watched but it's still enjoyable. Makes you say what the fuck a couple times lol

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