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Anyone know any strains that give these effects?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr. Natty Light, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to GC but definitely not smoking. I've been at it for about 4 years now, generally a daily smoker (but I honestly never feel like I've gotten that much of a tolerance).
    Well anyway, where I live, bud has not yet been legalized, so I am not familiar with strain names and most of the ones in my area were made up, or just flat out not the right ones. So we usually got some decent hybrids, nothing amazing, but definitely not too bad. However, once in a blue moon we'd get these really awesome strains. It's the kind of bud that when you're smoking a blunt and as you go to put it out, you just realize you're completely gone. Almost like an outerspacey/trippy high, where everything looks all weird and you just have absolutely no idea what's goin' on.

    Now that I live in a huge city in the same state and I believe I get real strains here (I'm not an expert, I just check leafly lol), and I generally have a decent variety considering my circumstances, about 3 strains to choose from at all times. I always thought that those strains that I mentioned above were sativas, but most of the sativas we get here don't do that for me. Mostly just a stimulating head high with good focus, maybe a little bit in the visual spectrum. When I smoke the indicas, I pretty much only feel it in my body. I don't think tolerance or the ingestion method is the issue, since it's been over the course of my smoking career.

    So if anyone knows what I'm talking about, I would appreciate some strains to try out when I visit CO in a few months, or possibly grab if they show up around here lol. Thanks
  2. Firstly, I have to recommend Granddaddy Purple; it's effects are definitely the most unique and mind-fucking compared to many of the other strains I have had. Another one that has a strong head high is Orange Skunk. Despite the indica headspace, I never get too sleepy with Orange Skunk, so I think the sativa blends really well with it. Berry White is also a fantastic strain that makes everything fun while maintaining a strong high. I also can vouch for most of the hybrid and indica Kush strains, notably King's Kush, OG Kush, and Green Door Kush (in terms of the mental mindfuck/expansion you are looking for). Definitely see if you can get a hold of one of those strains and tell me if it's what you desired.

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