anyone know any cheap and easy was to do a hydro setup

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  1. I\tcant lie I wanna know any cheap easy way to do a hydro setup doesnt matter how big jus that it works
  2. your always going to save money building it yourself...

    a rumple bucket is always a good choice of a good place to start*step-step*.html

    read the whole thread... the design changed about five pages in

    use one of these to cut the holes in the bucket for air lines and sight tubes... especially use one of these for linking buckets together... and grommets

    he explains exactly how to build it and grow with it..

    look into Lucas formula for feeding

    get yourself a cheap PH pen... i can find you a cheap one after you say you read that thread and are still interested

    and then all you need is a power strip
    place to put your plants to grow( a closet)
    some PC fans and a cell phone charger to move some air
    and CFL lights... two spectrums... soft white and daylight.. lowes/ cheapest
    timer for power strip lights

    here's another thread
    Red_Greenery's Handyman's DIY Grow Tub - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

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