Anyone know about this years talk for NY

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by wallyspam, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I remember hearing there were bills in the senate in house in NY that supposedly were going to pass. This was maybe springtime, then the craziness started where the independants/republicans took control of the senate by having democrats defect. OR something like that, anyway it made NY look so dumb cause for like 5 months no bills would pass, in fact anyone know if anything is passing yet? Big news since it stopped the senate for what I think was months of arguing and suing. Anyway the second that happened I remember thinking that on the eve of this stuff passing we get this crap. Nothing ever came of it, as no offense, more important stuff needed to pass. Anyone know if the bills are alive or if they have been lost to history?
  2. They'll be back, we get a new medical cannabis bill every year for the most part
  3. good but I felt we were so close
  4. It was very close, but what can you really expect from the government? lol
  5. NY legislators are on break until January. Hopefully, they'll pick up where they left off on the bills. The Assembly was nearly ready for a vote on the bill and the senate had made some progress.
  6. I would love for it to pass here in NY, at least our laws arent nearly as strict as a lot of other states though.
  7. Ma and VT have it right? So why not us?
  8. Weed has been decriminalized (in small amounts) in NY for a pretty long time. Definitely before MA and VT did it. These bills are for legal medicinal use.
  9. I suffer from chronic migraines, and anxiety i hope that i'll be elligible if this gets through.
  10. i really hope this passes but i was wondering if it would change growing laws two and what the reqirements would be to get a card

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