anyone know about these 2

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  1. Bonamine Acetaminophen
    anyone know if you can get high of either of these, a friend asked me and im a little to messed up to know for sure or to find out so i thought id just ask here and get a straight answer.

    he said tylenol but wasnt sure the exact type he just said it says Acetaminophen
    and thats just another word for tylenol as far as i know.& i know uu can get high of some tylenol like 3s and shit but wasnt sure if you could with just any or all tylenol, i doubt it but id dont know for sure so can all tylenol be used to get high or just certain ones??

    and Bonamine was the other one he had and i have no idea what it is lol so anyone know if you can get high off it??

    also, he wanted to know if they get ya high by snorting them not popping them.

    any help appreciated, thanks GC!:D


  2. Um.

    No. Acetaminophen (APAP) is what you said... Tylenol (except TYLENOL is actually Acetaminophen... Tylenol is a brand name)

    and Bonamine is like Dramamine... for motion sickness.

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