anyone know about the aerogarden??!!

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  1. does anyone know if the system is compatible with growing reffa??:confused:
  2. yes it works

    see also: small yeild, not worth it
  3. The biggest problem with the areogarden, is the lack of lights the plants need. Its great for cloning and the first month of growth(stock lighting) After that get around a 400w light, just take off the original lighting and plug into a 24hr timer. The plants im getting right now are about 16 to 22 inches tall. The garden is in a 2x2x4ft cabinet.

    Also in the latest issue in High Times there is a write up on the aerogarden.
  4. High Times just did an article on this. I believe they put it immediately into 12/12. The grow used lowryder II. The article said it worked great but no final weights
  5. it looked like what a little less than a quarter of dried bud altogether?

    probably less

    anyways just build a grow cab for 1/10th the price
  6. Where can one find a beginners TEK on building a grow cab?
  7. I have one of the first models that came out, what I did was only grow 1 plant due to anymore being overcrowding. My first grow a few years ago was out of the AG, I germed some AK-47 and planted one in soil and one in the AG. The soil beat the AG into the ground in overall development speed, within two weeks the AG was less then half the size of the soil plant. After I added another 100watts to the AG it really picked up and started better development. But the damned thing likes to turn off randomly and that ended up killing it quick, on my second attempt I would unplug it and plug it back in every day to make sure it was not cutting out (every now and then I would come in and it would just stop pumping). It ended up sexing (male) and the AG pump stopped working, a total failure. The AG was not purchased for weed we were really doing the whole garden herb thing until I decided to try it out at cannabis... $100 could be better spent on some buckets, all the CFL's you could shake a stick at, nutes and any other small things you might need. Pass on the AG... And pass on the AG for indoor gardening, POS won't even hold up.
  8. Yea, I'm beginning to understand that now (there is no free lunch). So how many CFLs are needed for a single plant grow? I don't want to drop the cash for a 400w HPS & Ballast for 1 or 2 plants.

  9. Just one plant? I would grab four to six 6700k 26watt CFL's and connect them via a Y adapter, when you flower replace those 6700k CFL's with 2700k bulbs. I would keep the lights no more then four inches away. But that's just me, message me if you have any questions about LST, I have a killer LST grow going atm.
  10. good as a mini cloner thats about all it does good....:rolleyes:

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