anyone know about ambien 10mg??

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  1. ok so i was told by a few people i no that these are pretty cool , i no this girl who regularly takes them and she gave 2 of my friends 2 each and they both said they were feeling it after there first one, they said it was difficult to describe but it was a very good fun high.
    so i was pretty curious about trying these and i heard they work better with alcohol, i took one with my friend while drinking 4 cans of beer...i felt nothing...took my second 45 mins larter still nothing...,my friend on the other hand was feeling his but this only lasted roughly 30-40 mins..
    the next time i tried them was with the girl i no who swears by them...we were the last 2 awake in my brothers house and she asked did i wanto try them again and i said yes.. so she gave me 1 and took 1 and a half herself..half an hour later she gave me another and asked "how do you feel?" i felt perfectly normal only for the fact that i had a couple of beers in me, she then offered me another and said if i dont feel it after my 3rd then theres something up because she has bin taken these pills for a while now and always gets a high from after 25 mins after my 3rd i got up and walked to the kitchen perfectly feeling NOTHING from these pills that my other friends swear by?? any ideas on why i couldnt get ANY sort of buzz? it was my first experiences with prescription tabs so i would have no tolerence at all?? oh ya and she was absolutley fucked at this stage having a great buzz while i just sat there bored waiting for the same to happen to me? sorry the post is so long i just need to know!
  2. Thats weird. I use to take Ambien 10mg and get fucked up. Come to think of it, my first time taking them was when I was 13, and I got so fucked up I hallucinated like crazy. How big are you? Your body mass might have something to do with it.

    Also, taking 4 in a row is a bad idea. If you don't feel it after the first pill, you gotta double your dose, not take another. By the time you pop the second one, the first one is gonna be digested and it'll be the same as if you only took one. This probably explains why you didn't feel anything. Try taking 3 all at once.
  3. Ambien works on the same gaba receptors as benzos, so if you take benzos, that may be the reason why you didnt feel much.
  4. Ambien is a fucked up drug, very delusional high, with least for me
  5. thatsweird as hell i take 2 every time, and i get fucked up

  6. i wudnt say im big about 5 foot 9 and weigh about 150lbs so i dont think that might have been the reason, maybe il try do 3 at once as you said. my friends would be roughly the same size and weight and they began feeling effects after there first, im still so curious to what the high is like and its annoying i had 2 failed attempts :mad: ah well a least i no il never stop getting high from the herb :p,

    :to the other poster iv never taken any benzos so i wouldnt have tolerance for that either so i really dont know why it wouldnt work
  7. i've never been able to get fucked up on benzos, i can't get a good nitrous high, and the first time i took vicodin, i took 15mg, went out drinking and then helped a more fucked-up friend walk home. i wouldn't have any kind of usage tolerance, but i'm pretty sure this is evidence that tolerance can be genetic - everyone on my dad's side of the family for the last 4 generations has been addicted to alcohol, and a lot abused opiates.
  8. I have a prescription for 5mg but I sometimes take like 3-4 at once and if you stay up for around an hour, which isnt hard, I sometimes hallucinate really hardcore. Not like seeing stuff that isnt there, but stuff will morph around. In my experience, redosing doesnt work at all with Ambien. Take them at once, cuz the regular ones are quickly absorbed.
    These are also really good for sleeping :)
  9. thanks for the infot happy tokin :smoking:
  10. I have taken eight so far and if you can stay awake you will TRIP BALLS. I would recommend about three for you first time. and techy things (for me) become very hard to operate so do so beforehand
  11. so 3 all at once and i should get some sort of high ? i hope so, il let ye know wat happens :smoking:
  12. yeah, its kinda euphoric but not really, you feel pretty good though, and the visuals when they happen are pretty strong.

    Be careful though, this shit can make you very confused. If I take too many I get very unbalanced, moreso than alcohol (and Im a very heavy drinker) and the other night I called my roommate thinking he was late coming back from a meeting and he walked out of his room in his underwear like "WTF man, its 1:20am" and all I could say was "I thought you were in a meeting..."
  13. ha tried to take it to help me sleep and the shit made me hallucinate for a while like hardcore. was somewhat like shrooms but really at one point i thought I saw shit flying around the room i don't know the mgs but it was just one pill. I was kinda pissed cuz I didn't even try and stay up and had been up for 24hrs+ cuz I have mad issues sleeping... just got prescribed seroquel hope it does the trick. yay for being inbetween diagnosies of depression or bipolar:mad:

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