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Anyone Know a Legit Place to Get Romulan?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by SsNgNg, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I need a legit dealer that sends to the U.S. and sells Romulan. Anyone>?
  2. if anyone knows about a seed bank that will ship reliably to the US they're probly going to keep it a secret
  3. There are a couple of the bigger seed banks in Canada that sell it but how reliable they are i don't know
  4. Right...clearly you popped onto this forum by accident as the entirety of this forum is about reliable seed banks that ship to the U.S.

    Hey, p.s., thanks for stopping by and contributing something that is completely useless and obnoxious! If I ask for help, either provide some help, or dont "help" at all...kthx

    If anyone has ever order Romulan before...and maybe they dont want to "share", feel free to PM me...
  5. Whoa - easy,
    All it takes is a little reseach to find some of the better banks in Canada that stock it then you can look up their rep on here.
    As for reputable banks a lot of people have good things to say abot the Doc and he stocks it (although he is out at the moment - or so his site says)
    No need to go agro man just trying to be of some vague assistance

  6. thanks man -- its frustrating when people write completely useless responses that are in no way helpful when you are looking for legitimate postings...thats all.
  7. Romulan is a clone only strain. There are no seeds. You'll have to get seeds that are crossed with another strain. And if you find any Romulan seeds, it's probably fake or a clone that a breeder hermied or stressed to turn male. Like Federation Seeds crossed with White Rhino and backcrossed to Romulan.

    Here's info on how federation seeds made romulan:

    Romulan was created by a guy named Romulan Joe once known as Mendocino Joe who was one of the founders of the Trinity grow scene. Romulan is a mostly afghani hybrid not related to Sk#1. It is very popular with the marijuana medical scene because of it's potency for treating chronic pain. There are a few banks that carry the strain and it's hybrids. Federation had the original clone, and 97% pure seed form. Next Generation has many of Federation's strains including Romulan. Reeferman has Romulan and it's hybrids. Marc Emery used to have a Romulan x White Widow cross that was very popular. I have seen pics of this Rom/WW hybrid, and they are truly amazing with almost purple look, super thick buds, and with crystals all over the entire plant! Another hybrids that was popular was Romberry (Romulan x BlueBerry)with it's exotic taste and awesome purple colors! Subcool seeds has a C99 x Romulan cross called Space Queen.

    In the old days whenever someone mentioned Romulan, the talk of California Blue Indicas comes up. I am not sure what Blue Indica means, but they get mentioned. I know Romulan is mostly of Afghan origin, but I would like to know what the other genetics of the plant are. Maybe there is a little Paki/Hindu Kush or Lebanese hashplant mixed in. General concensus says that it is not entirely Afghan, and that it has more sativa in it than a landrace Afghan or Hindu Kush. I am thinking that it is slightly under 15%-10% sativa. Since it has a lot of purple coloring, it may have a little Colombian Green, Red, or Black in it. There is talk of it maybe having a very little amount of mexican genetics in it as well, maybe Oaxacan. People tried to grow these late flowering equatorial sativas outdoors up north with little sucess until Afghan seeds arrived. That's my specualtion. It may have a little haze crossed in, but I think that Northern Lights has the claim on the multiple Afghan x (Afghan x Haze) cross.

    Federation acquired a strain from Romulan Joe (A Vietnam Vet/East Bay Biker) from California and grew it on Vancouver island. It was given to them in clone form. I guess that Federation crossed it with White Rhino to get seeds. They backcrossed it 11 times backwards to the original clone. They favored backcrossed plants that were the largest & most robust while still finishing within 8 weeks flowering time. Federation's seeds are 97% like the orig clone. Now it has been inbred ever since, and it is good breeding material to cross other plants with.

    The overall structure of the plant is short and stocky. They said it can get a very branchy compared to other afghan/indicas, and it isn't the best choice for SOG. The color of the buds and leaves are very dark green with a thick structure. Leaves are wide. The stems on the plant turn purple. I'd imagine that maybe other parts of plant will start to turn purp near the end of harvest time. The plant is pretty frosted in that some stems have crystals on them. The yields mentioned are 30g-60g per plant indoors, up to 250g outside. Since it is almost all indica and an IBL, it doesn't have hybrid vigor and the sativa stretch in flowering that other strains tend to have. I have seen growers get a little more yields out of the plant. Federation says Rom can foster mold near harvest time if you are in a humid environment.

    Federation claims Romulan as it's strongest strain potency wise. It was nicknamed Romulan because "the high can put a dent in your head". Most people claim that the high is a little more clearer thinking than most indicas, but still strong enough to Kick Your Ass. The smells are pretty strong ranging from a pungent piney to an acrid fruity/pepper smell.

    Reserva Privada has femenized Snowcap Romulan. It's out of stock at attitudeseedbank though.
  8. no harm no foul dude:)
  9. The original Romulan is not an Indica. Which indica have you grown that harvests in 10 weeks inside? None. Sativas are your long-flowering plants. Romulan produces bright pink hairs in bloom when grown outside in the cold. No pink indoors, but it comes out with a nice purple tint in the tops. Dense as hell for a sativa, but the plant structure, leaf shape and flowering time are all direct indicators for SATIVA. And we haven't even gotten to it's heady high. Most people have probably not ever smoked or seen real rom, but the strain still exists here in norcal. I have pictures.. The nugs are indoor, pink-haired blooming rom is outside, and a giant Romulan plant, with her beautiful pink locks.

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  10. Here are your best bets for Romulan

    Next Generation Seed Company has Romulan

    Next Generation Romulan is a legendary strain in Canada and a medicinal favourite. It's genetics come from Columbian, Korean. Romulan is over 30 years old and known for it's overwhelming narcotic high. Romulan has crystal covered dense buds with a strong pine smell. These cannabis seeds flower indoors in about 55 days and can be harvested outdoors mid October. It's structure is medium height, medium branchy. #1 recommended medicinal strain.

    TGA Subcool has The Flav 75% Romulan 25% C-99

    TGA Subcool's The Flav was created when the Romulan mother blew us away when we located her last year in the PNW. Having grown both Romulan and Romberry from Vic High I was very skeptical until I grew her out and got a taste of this heavenly plant. The Flav is Romulan dominant and 70% of the females in the test runs leaned to her characteristics. The hybrid has a long stretch before a short period of filling in the towering colas. Heavy resin coating that protrudes all the way to the end of the sun leaves make for a great hash making strain. Very heady buzz with a combination head and body stone.

    Both can be found at Attitude Seed Bank

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