Anyone keep a rhyme book?

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  1. This weekend I'm going to run out and grab a composition journal to start keeping a rhyme book. I've been going crazy with rhymes in my head and I just want to start writing stuff down so I have a chance to refine my shit and not have such a jumbled mess of things that don't make sense, you know?

    Anyone have any tips or advice for doing this sort of thing? I have an idea for a format and the way I want things to lay out in my journal... But if you've been doing it and got something that works let me know.

    "Back in 83 I was an emcee sparkin/
    but i was too scared to grab the mics in the parks and/
    kick my little raps cause i thought *****s wouldn't understand/
    and now in every jam i'm the fuckin' man"
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    keep on flowin brotha... word is bond... btw NAS is a tru OG
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    I got myself a rhyme book, whenever I get into that mood I just start writin' whatever comez to my mind, I wrote a couple of dayz ago and just listenin' to Commonz I Used To Love H.E.R helped me out. I Really don't have much advice but whenever you got a rhyme you wanna lay down just put it in your journal and work wit it.
  4. its 'word is bond' lol
  5. i always thought it was word is born good look

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