Anyone into stocks?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr Info, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I've always wanted to get into stocks since I was little. Soon I'm investing in some silver since I'm broke :D, But at the same time I want to invest into some stocks only small time though. Does anyone else on GC play the stocks game?

    Also I was thinking on investing in toy companies or toy retailers since Christmas is coming up soon... Good idea or not?

    Advice is greatly appreciated :cool:
  2. No but I should be. I remember my Law 12 teacher telling me all about it, I was high most the time but I did catch a few things he said. I'd like to get in to it.
  3. No, don't invest just because over the holidays hahahahaha that is not a good route for investment. With that logic you may as well invest in any retail store.


    But ya, I'm into stocks.
  4. Stocks are one of those exceptions in society. Think about how similar "playing the stock market" is to gambling. On one hand you have all these different companies with no real information of value and are betting in the dark you might hit a winner. I don't see any difference from slipping a coin into the slot machine except playing the stock market is I guess patriotic.

    I tossed $2,500 into a trading account once and within a week it was down $500. I felt like I was sports betting.
  5. Invest in Microsoft, Frito-Lays, Pepsi/Coca Cola and Google.
  6. No^No^no^No^
    Unless you're trying to save for your retirement fund.
  7. I wouldn't at the moment in current day society. My neighbor owns a boat company and just lost 200,000 in the market overnight ;o
  8. I put in 5k 3 years ago and now my stocks are valued at 11k.

    And with the market so low now would probably be a good time to invest so long as you can choose the right company....Did you guys not take any high school/college finance classes lol.
  9. invest in steel and fiberoptics.

    good day sir
  10. Steel, maybe not. Fiberoptics, could be wise. Steel is going to be less and less useful as technology progresses

  11. everything is switching to fiberoptics, even submarines, aircraft carriers, cruise ships, ....everything:wave:
  12. Yes I know. Fiberoptics will inevitable be the future, so much more efficient than regular wire. Although air wave type shit will eventually take that over

  13. yes but until then ;)
  14. I get your draft. Also, the company that I've gotten nearly a yearly return of 50% in is heavily involved in fiberoptics and stuff of the sort ;)
  15. Right... What are you going to do, buy 3-4 shares of Google? Ever heard the saying it takes money to make money? Stocks like Google are long-term and you need like six figure investments for the gains to actually pay well.

    If you do your homework you could turn $5k into $10k within a day sports betting. The stock market is legalized and regulated gambling that keeps our economy going.

    You could also turn $5k into $10k within a day buying and selling penny stocks if you got lucky.
  16. Buy and sell penny stocks, there is lots of money to be had(or lost) in it.
  17. Are penny stocks just stocks worth pretty much nothing?

    I'm guessing that you buy a shit load of them and sell them before they go back down? Lol
  18. I may or not have Disney stock

    ...but that's besides the point. Ask not what Disney can do for you, but ask what can you do for Disney.

    Just Pm if you need help deciding where to take your next vacation:D
  19. Nah, I don't want to hold my stocks very long. I want to buy, make small profits sell. Repeat... At least thats what I think will work:confused_2:

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