anyone into photography?

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  1. I'm a junior in high school, (dont worry, I'm 18. started late & had to repeat a year because of crohns disease) and I've been taking photography for 2 years..

    I want to go to college for photography.. either NESOP or MASS art, I havent decided yet and only toured one of the facilitys briefly..

    I was wondering if theres any other people majoring in photography, wether it be black & white or photo journalism, I'd like to know.. and have a few questions about your school..
  2. apologies for not having an answer.
    props for taking an artistic route through life tho.
    admirable. at least in my book.
  3. I'm about a quarter of the way through my Associates Degree in Photography, with emphasis on Photojournalism.

    Questions? Ask away.

  4. I was just wondering the school you were accepted to, what did they exactly look at in your high school reports?

    since this will be my jr year I will learn much about what colleges look for in you. but I'm wondering what a art college would look for...
  5. anyone?

    day 1 of tolerance break.. really want to concentrate on photo if I'm not smoking...

    even though I know I'd do better work while blazed..
  6. I've been shooting professionally (in some capacity or another) for about 12 years. I did portraits for a while, but these days I'm doing primarily commercial and travel work.

    If you're in New England and you know you want a profession in photography, don't rule out the Hallmark Institute. If you want a good all-around education though, stick to a 4 year institute.

    What type of photography do you want to do as a career?
  7. I will definatly check that school out, and yea I plan on a 4 year college..

    right now, I am undecided.

    since I started shooting I love shooting wild life and nature, like national geographic, I admire SO many national geographic photos. I would love to see and shoot the entire world, and bring back images to show anyone who would be interested. photojournalism would be another big choice for well as fashion photography... I love shooting somebody who is very photogenic and I would find it an amazing expierence and huge rush if I ever got to shoot big time run way models..

    unfortunatly, most of my work is done in B&W (since thats what I've been doing in school, we have a lab, dark room,blahblahblah you know it) and I do not have a scanner (for now, I need a new one with a negative scanner :D ) but I could find a way to post some work.. I cant be bothered to shoot anything with point and shoot digital compared to what I can do with my slr
  8. I'm a self-taught photographer/graphic/artist, took photo classes in school my 11th and 12th year, but I knew just about everything, with the exception of the chemicals used to develop.

    I've got a deviantart profile if you're interested, check it.

    I'm 18/graduated, and going to see how far i can get before spending thousands on a college degree i may not need.
  9. i've been an image editor/manipulator for 8+ years now, i have done work on 2 cd's and won a best cd design award for klarity records. if any of you guys would like to hook up talents just msg me, i do 90% of my work for free because its what i love to do.
  10. I have a hard time encouraging anyone to go into this field these days, as it's becoming harder and harder to make a living at it, but the best advice I can give is to find a specialty.

    Weddings and commercial photography is where the money is at, although fashion photography can command a big pay check if you can break into the right circles (it also demands very high priced equipment).

    It's nearly impossible to make a living from nature and wildlife photography. There's probably only a handful of people worldwide who are able to make a full time career from it. Photojournalism is respectable, but again, only the elite photojournalists are making any kind of decent living from it. Otherwise, it's a pretty low-paying field. That is one field that has gotten hit hard by the digital age (with everyone and their mother owning digital cameras and camera phones, newspapers and magazines are moving more and more towards reader submitted content).

    It sounds like you're in Massachusetts based on your school choices?? I'm in Southern Vermont (right on the Mass/NH border), and occasionally need an assistants. If you'd be interested in putting an application in, send me a pm!
  11. i'm up in northern maine, hehe all NE ers
  12. I thought my self about photography in 8th grade by reading books and stuff and talking to my cousin who took photo in high school and stuff then when i got to high school i managed to convince my school to adopt a photo program cause the old teacher quit the previous year and they didn't find a teach and so my brother asked one of his friends who was a photographer as well as a teach to teach it she applied got the job was in photo 4 yrs in high school then got scholarships for photography to a few school but i ended up changing majors and now i am pre-med, but my minor is still in photography and i still shoot and develop my own things i do mainly black and whote here and there a bit of color. I do work to weeding, birthday, and special occasion but only for close friends family and etc.

  13. I'm from Bangor, originally.

  14. I think if you want to go far, the 4-year shit would benefit you alot. Just having the talent isn't half as good as having the talent AND the credibilities to back it up, IMO.

    but that's just me. I guess it all depends on the kind of shit you want to do
  15. yeah man, I love photography. Alot of people dont think its an art form but it is, the world is your canvas.
  16. aye, If i could afford a nice cam i would be out there with it all the time but as it is i spend more in grass in a month that a good cam costs haha. stupid stoner priorities.
  17. I am glad to say i dropped med school, i was about to go to JH ( john hopkins ) for the fall and i drop it to continue persuing a career in photo as i have always wanted, even i don't makes as much money i'll be a happy stoner whom takes pictures, now its safe to say i dont have to take any more bull shit math ans science classes :D
  18. Thats the stupidest yet most admirable thing ive read today. :)

    Ive taught myself photography over the past couple of years and have contemplated going to school for it (thinking about applying to NYU tisch for photography). However, as Penelope said, making a living out of a photography degree has become extremely difficult.

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