Anyone Into Logic

Discussion in 'General' started by m18, May 27, 2013.

  1. Who you listening to?


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  3. Logic is dope. Been followin' this cat since the first Young Sinatra mixtape. Gonna be funny how many people are gonna be on his dick when he releases a full-length album
  4. Yeah I know, I bet he will get big this summer
  5. Thought this was about the program Logic haha...but no I've never heard of the artist
  6. I like 'we get high'
  7. I prefer cubase. 
  8. Good stuff OP. I like being shown new music (new to me anyways). 
  9. Illogic - Lucky

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  10. His song Common Logic/Midnight Marauder has been on repeat ever since I heard it. Great rapper.
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  11. Yump. My niggah logic got bars. I remember when he barely had like 3k followers on Twitter now he blew up with that XXL. He has mad love for his fans nd is just a trill nigga!

    Common Logic is def one of my favs of welcome to forever nd On The Low. Trinidad could've been better though
  12. Weird i saw this thread I just started listening to him last night seeing his name for the past couple days. Hes pretty fuckin dope! Pretty fuckin refreshing man I like his flow and mindset..hes cool.
    Listening to Young Sinatra 1 right now..he's a dope lyricist. 
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    it's a surprise that not a lot of people know of him. I've shared my music with people before and some were not feeling it. His lyrics though..  :smoke:
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    Hes got bars.  Slim chance that he'll blow up though, lyricism generally doesn't sell well.  So sad....
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    been into logic since my brother got me into him. (young sinatra mixtape) he's a lyrical genious. always got my support, and I hope to see him big here soon. 
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  16. Break it down is a dope song. My niggas are going to his concert tonight.
  17. sounds like generic wannabe commercial garbage to me
  18. Respect you on that, but you've got to at least say who you think is better.

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  19. that would be a very long list...check the underground thread in the music section for shit ive posted

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