Anyone Into HipHop Here???

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by RazorRy, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. what ya like an all???

    btw......i help run a hiphop forum if your interested check it out
  2. hip hop is king!

    Hieroglyphics while you're high = GULLY
  3. ^^^doobius posts there ha ha

    yeah hiero is definitely dope
  4. WaT uP thOu...well it depends what kinda hip hop man theres so many of them like real hip hop underground stylo or naz politikal hip hop u kno?? but mostly psycho realm man they tha best them n street platoon they frum kali pico union got sum phat licks bout peace!

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  5. yeah im into more underground relaxing ish that has meaning........not the mindless dribble (though some of it every now and then is aight).....but yeah shit like nelly claiming hes hiphop and what not i fuckin hate
  6. thats all I listen to..I 2 am an me if you wanna hear my might have heard of me..Lyrical-b I go by...Ive been in a bunch of tourneys

    so pm if you wanna hear some ill underground shit



  7. ha ha aight kid i gotta run now but when i get chance ill give it a listen.......if you want you can check out the forums i run if your really into underground ish
  8. my functions are fully automated-

    throwin punches like you flinch whenever i say it-

    rocky three/

    my rhymes are kindahot and too fast to see-

    in 3d im hyperspeakin, all these tykes repeat the words but dont grasp the meanin-

    that all our lives are fated.. pupils dilated, with rhythm- a curse thats never forgiven and impossible to fathom;


    a room with a door with infinite keys-

    across the stars like heavenly seas of meaning: this shit is too ill to type without quarantinin..


    uhh.. im very high
  9. ^^^yeah yo for real though a few of my boys record at their cribs and itd give a studio a run for its money cause it comes off really professional

  10. WaT uP pEoPLe ...yooo that lick that phunkyphil just threw was pretty pimp mad PROPZ!!!! n all diss time i didnt kno Bi-Polar_smoker was an MC?! damn yo where u frum? ill check yo ssshh out in a minute but dass tru how peeps on tha radio be claimen they shits hip hop when its too wack to even be labelled RAP u kno?even rap is getting lame like all that hot boys shiet all materialistic n shiet eye feel yall....fuck doobious is aight BTW have yall heard of "THA MEXAKINZ"? well drop sum lines...back to my bong CYPRESS....

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  11. I like underground hip-hop. I can't stand all the mainstream shit though. Like Nelly and Ja Rule and all that shit. Gotta keep real with the underground. Living Legends and Soulside are my favs but i like it all.

  12. yeah kid me either.....those two artists are some of my most hated.....and thas not cause im jealous of them makin it big or sellin or what not......nelly comes out and starts dissin a legend in krs.....thas ridiculous theyre not even on the same page.......and ja rule sold the fuck out (not like i liked his shit before either), how do you go from singin about bein a thug to how your in love, and how come he cant put a hit out witout some female singin on the hook
  13. "It's Da Real......Hip-Hop,Hip-Hop" Hip-Hop 4eva!!!
  14. i luv freestylin when im high, thats bout my fav flows, but yea, commerical hip hop is aight at times, jus gotta throw that in/
  15. no doubt comercial ish is dope as well........i like a bunch of commercial artists as well.......i think i jus like music in general ya know
  16. lol at xplicitcontent u changed for tha bettah lol reppin that chi gotta love that ...but i still kinda pass on that commersh its just not the same but they do have SUM tight flows like what xplicitcontent got on his signature man that song grew on me like u wouldnt belive n im usually the one to hate on that type of shiet but it hit me hit me hard so let it be ...

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  17. Bi-Polar_smoker: got damm man, i listened to that song on underground rap and that shit was fuckin bangin man, for real that was tight.

  18. Well, Hiphop was DA shit quiet a few years ago :]
    Was fully init, but did no producing or such

    you kno',

    -> House of pain
    -> Osdorp Posse
    -> Cypres Chill ;)
    -> Wu tang Clan
    -> NWA, 2pac, ...

    Digged em all :)

    Nowadays its DnB
    Some loxy's or aphrodite's remind me to the good old gangstahbeat times

    Grtz El_Nostalgic
  19. I'm from the Ozzy/Maiden/Metallica type of school, but I like some hiphop out there. B-Boys, Snoop, Dre, Em, Public Enemy,Xzibit,Redman, Method Man. The 2000 dvd UP IN SMOKE is a must have for anyone who likes to partake in the kind bud.(or regular bud too.) ( Y'all have prob. seen it, for all I know.)

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