Anyone into Cars?

Discussion in 'General' started by Budface, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. because i am. i am mostly into old cars but i do give my props to some of the properly done imports. What's your guy's dream car and what's your current ride. I currently own a 96 S-10 but I long for a 69 Camaro 2-28.

    peace out,
  2. Ford black non hatchback 1993 mustang 5.0 cobra 5speed v8... that car has badass written all over it...
  3. I'm a diehard chevy guy but you can't hate the exaust note of the 5.0! My cousin is into Caddys. She has a 59' caddy, the ones with the enourmous fins. she was 14 when her dad bought it! Yes i will suck up to her just to drive it.
  4. im a air-cooled nut.

    i have a 1972 vw camper, microbus when it left the factory.

    im getting a pre-72 bug soon.

    dream car would be a 23 windo samba with delux trim and surfari windows "drools"(not lowered or big engine, but definatly alloys proberly empi 5's or brms)
  5. I wanna go to school to become an auto mechanic. The upscale-company make-a-lotta-money kind, not the southside muffler shop kind. It's the only thing I'm interested in that I could possibly make a career out of.
  6. I like cars! Two of my friends have '68 and a '69 chevelle. The one with the '68 have a 305 turbo charged, it hasn't run since 1985, but then it did 12 sec quarter miles. And my other friend with the '69.. I forget what he has, but he has it running, but he has it bored to like.. 6.1 liter I think. He doesn't have any exhaust on, so it's just open headers, that's some loud ass shit.

    Right now.. my dream car is.. hmmm, hard to say. At this very moment..

    Black Nissan 300ZX twin turbo, black leather seats.

    I do believe I would *orgasm* on myself every time I sat down in it. *drools*

  7. Go through the BMW program. My friend is a BMW service tech and he makes over $100,000 a year.
  8. i love cars, i like muscle cars, but i am more intersted in imports, and not just jap cars, european cars are prbly my fav, especailly anything german, but of course ill nvr own one of those, thats why i like jap cars, u can do a lot of mods to them which is real cool, i look at them as kinda of being the muscle cars of today, but with out the muscle, lol.
  9. I'm down with cars. Mostly VW's and other European cars, but everything is chill in my book as long as its done tastefully.
  10. I'm becoming an air-cooled nut. I currently own a '78 VW Microbus which has a camper top on it, and a freshly-broken-beyond-driveability engine.

    I'm staring face-first into an engine rebuild right now. It's time to muster up all the knowledge (what little there is) and stamina I have to drop that powerplant out (all 67 horses) and tear her down and clean her and rebuild her. I'm a little nervous, but I think I'm up to the task.

    I'm at a standstill, though, until my new book from Amazon, "How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Engine," arrives.

    I should build a web page dedicated to this momentus step in my VW ownership. hrm...
  11. I wanted to go to UTI and go thru the BMW program. I suggest that route because you only have to know BMW's and get good pay, but after working on peoples cars at school, i would rather not mix business with pleasure. I am currently rebuilding a 305 to put in something but i am not sure what.anyways cool rides and dream rides you guys, i see the microbus is quite popular here. stoners :)

    peace and love,

  12. your falling behind lol. mines a recon engine in 98. just needs a service.

    and a full body and interior resto lol.

    i wanted to be a machinic, but now im gonna do classic car restoration and move onto air-cooleds

  13. Drop the 305 in Pot Geek's microbus. :D

  14. Im going to go to UTI under one of the manufactorers programs. That damn school in pretty expensive though. $18,000. I don't know how that compares with collages but its still alot of money.
  15. I'm buying a 2000 Daewoo Lanos, going down to the dealer tomorrow to finish the paperwork, zippy fun little car to drive. Pretty cheap and low miles and still have the factory warranty with it. Also have a big honkin' 76' Chrysler Cordoba that I was gonna restore but don't really have the bucks for that project so I'll probably will give that away for free to anyone that will do a restore on it. Nice ride, driving that big ol' whale is like sitting on your living room couch. Anybody here who is close to me who wants it can have it. FREE
  16. Well ask him if he wants another one! Did I mention it still has the factory installed 8 track player?
  17. 95 impala ss...
    too fast for my own good
  18. I was looking at UTI when getting the jist of what kind of programs are out there, and was leaning towards BMW. I just don't wanna have to move to Houston. Which campus do you attend, LonerStoner?

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