Anyone interested in writing for a website?

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  1. Apart from being quite the cannabis enthusiast, i now run a website (found atKarmaloopPlndrLaurier ). I'm looking for a couple people who would be interested in writing some Blog posts relating to the type of lifestyle my website represents.

    Hit me with a personal message or leave a post here and I'll get back to you.

    BONUS if youre into the streetwear scene obviously, things karmaloop represents, etc.
  2. The website didn't give too much info on what it is all about.
  3. Id be interested if theres some kind of incentive or imbersment.
  4. I too could be properly motivated.
  5. Hit me with a PM and a sample of your work, something you've written and had properly edited, etc.
  6. Im interested. I used to be a shoe collector. Im a rep on karmaloop. I use plndr too. I watch karmalooptv. Uhhh yeah. And i smoke weed.
  7. [quote name='"itbeatsdointhat"']Hit me with a PM and a sample of your work, something you've written and had properly edited, etc.[/quote]

    So i checked out your site and it just shows a page of u promoting ur rep code lol. Not really any info om what im supposed to write about. what type of blogging are you trying to get? Reviews in new products? New music? Basically like karmalooptv in blog form?
  8. basically any and everything related to the scene, so yeah something like karmaloopTV in blog form.
  9. cool, i guess i'll send you something today or tomorrow.
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    looking forward to it..

    I'm not really looking to pay anyone, seeing as I myself am not quite at the level I want to be at yet, however if you run another website or are interested in promoting an event, the page gets some decent traffic so it could work as a cross-marketing sort of deal.

    Im a Canadian based promoter, but lots and lots of my traffic comes from the USA - so topics can range widely.

    This is just an opportunity for people to write something, have their name put on it, and have it published in a blog for the world to see - if they are interested in that.
  11. i puunch this rimmmmy

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