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  1. Hey I'm justin. I love working cars, and basically my job is to smoke weed and work on cars, where im currently working they actually all smoke pot so its amazing. getting paid to get smoked up and do what i love most. I used to type on car forums but they all have sticks shoved up their ass and criticize everything someone does, so i figured to start up a car convo in a site where pot heads go (most of you), because just about every person that smokes pot that i know is chill as fuck, and i can have a civil intelligent convo with them. my cardomain is
  3. hell yea man u sound just like me i love cars, sportbikes, quads and dirt bikes. i had a 2004 gixxer600 last year a 01 cr250, 96 yz125 some old kx's and a 01 blaster. for whips i had a 90 talon tsi 5spd boosted sold that last year

  4. yah, i dig cars. I turbocharged my f150, built the motor, and drive it everyday
  5. yeah dude my first dirtbike was a suzuki RM 85, and then i got a blaster 250 i think it is, or 350 i cant remember, but now ive got a raptor 660 with an aftermarket exhaust. i got a 5 speed civic, im not a fan of civics but it was affordable and lets face it our economy sucks so i wanna save as much money as possible, in good gasmileage and reliability.
  6. how much horsepower you putting to the ground on that civic 70-80fwhp ;)

    I'm just playing
  7. Lmao. I got a whole whopping 148 HP on the Dyno, not that its even dyno worthy. but i guess its better than the 106 HP they come with stock.
  8. haha hell yeah this thread is bomb. i got an '01 bmw 3-series that i love. i put a couple K into the sound system and an M3 bumper and hopefully after my next grow (knock on wood) i can get some nice wheels. jmr, im really likin that body kit brother

  9. Welcome to the forum bro. Hey I have a question for you. I have a 2002 dodge neon, and I was driving recently.

    Shifted out of first gear "into" second, but when I hit my gas the engine just revved, I didn't actually move. So I tried shifting back up to first, no luck. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but my shifter won't go into any gears. It won't move left or right either (like you would move it right to put it into reverse). I know it's fucked, I was wondering if you might know

    a) the exact issue and
    b) how much I'm lookin at

    thanks man
  10. well at first i thought it was your clutch, because when youre in gear and your engine just revs, that usually means the clutch is so to say "stuck". that sounds like a transmission issue though. like can you actually shift it into reverse, but it just revs, or you just can't get it out of gear, or you can only put it in first and second. also, was this the first time you were driving the car that day, or was it just like in stop and go traffic. If you didn't hear anything grinding or clinking around It might be your shift linkage. just jack your car up and look by where your shifter is, follow both of the linkages to the transmission and have a friend shift the car while its off, but dont keep your fingers in the way, bad idea trust me. see if you can tell where its fucking up, if you can't tell, then its something inside your transmission, and the only thing i really dont know anything about is a transmission. you'll be looking at about $700 for the repair from a shop. but it could be more expensive if its a big problem, you might just be better off getting a new transmission for like $500 and pay someone to put it in that you know.
  11. Welcome to the city jmr828. I'm also love working on cars. The car I have now (my first car), I put my heat and soul into that thing. It was a POS when I bought it. lol
  12. Thanks for your reply man. So yeah when it happened I pulled over. I think it's "stuck" in gear, even tho my shifter doesn't do anything to fix that. This is because when I tried pushing my car, I couldn't. But when I pushed the clutch in I was able to push it easily. So the clutch works, but it's "stuck" in gear. I had to hold the clutch in the whole time my brother was towing me, even though my shifter was in neutral. This is why I say it's "stuck" in gear.

    As for my shifter, I haven't put any force on it, but it just sits in neutral. I can move it to first or second gear, but it naturally moves back up to neutral. I also don't have to push my clutch in to get it "into" first or second gear. I think this is because the shifter isn't actually doing anything.

    I drove about about 40 minutes before this happened. It wasn't stop and go traffic, but it happened right after a stoplight. Like I said before I haven't tried forcing the shifter into any gear other than 1st or 2nd because it feel like I'll break something else. But yeah basically the shifter just "hangs" there, like the connection to the gear shaft (or whatever you'd call it) came apart.

    Sorry if I sound like a total moron, i'm not good with cars at all
  13. The best thing you can do is take your console off and check the linkage there. Thats a good start. I know I have seen some cars that have the plastic joint broken on them, so it makes the shifter realy lose and it wont shit into gear, but most of the time you can't go into any gear so it might not be your problem.
  14. damn it's definitely stuck in gear then. Yeah check all the plastic parts as well, it sounds pretty messed up, unless something just basically popped out of place. if under your car you can see your shifter moving the shift linkage, then it's within the transmission.
  15. To answer your question in the thread name, yes I think alot of us are interested in a machine that takes us from A to B, eliminating the process of walking.
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    yeah. have an 07 wrx. fpgreen, aps big tmic, alky, and supporting mods, stock bottom end, tuned by myself now, previously, on my old block and turbo, by doug at topspeed. On my old build(35r, perrin fmic, alky), car made 461whp/459wtq on racegas (never dynoed on pump) in which 3500 miles later, cruising at about 35, spun a bearing. my oil pickup tube decided to break off and well im sure you can figure out where that took me. on the new block and build, 365whp/380wtq on pump. im 18 and pay for the car/insurance/gas/mods myself, along with finding some extra cash for second hobby, pot.


    edit: action pic

  17. Welcome. Your car is ugly. Sorry. But welcome.
  18. Haha its either hit or miss with people, i think most subarus are in general. thanks for the welcome, ive been toking for about 6 months now. smoke daily, sometimes multiple times daily.
  19. No dude, WRX's are nice.. I like the older sti's the best. I was referring to the honda civic that the guy posted :)

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