Anyone interested in buying an aerogarden? Vancouver

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by kurtrocky, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. just bought it a month ago, its the extra elite...
    i would like 150 for it... maybe best offer. or a trade.

    cheers :D
  2. this aint craigslist , give me one good reason why i shouldnt spray your brains all over the pavement right now?
  3. wow man, easy there you blog gangsta
    you dont have to be all hostile about it..
    just trying to help out anyone that is looking for it.

    smoke some and chill. or get a mod to delete it.
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    i was just playing big man , i like to do that sometimes , im a big man behind the screen to compensate for the many small pimples i have on my penis
  5. okay then.
  6. Kurt: what I'd like to know is why you want to sell it? It's a complete, compact growing system that's very user friendly. Hank
  7. Yeah maybe after you hit 10 posts kurt :)
  8. I'm interested, but why are you selling? I was debating on if it will work for clones..
  9. i need more space, 1-3 plants wont cut it for me :)
    it's great for cloning, took 10 days to show roots without gel or powder!
  10. the first pic are low riders... the front right was a clone off blue god

    the second pic.. the one in the middle is the topped one that was on the coke bottle
    and the right is the clone and the left was the one from the soil that i got from some bud.. it works great as far as vegging, havent gone to flowering yet.
  11. i wish i could keep it, but its to stanky in the house hahaha and the space is not going to work, will upgrade down the road for a better grow. just fyi the aero doesnt come with these plants ;) sorry to burst your bubble. :)

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