Anyone in WV want a puppy?

Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I'm not sure if this counts as trying to make a hookup, but I know a puppy that needs a home and I've been asked to post it on Grasscity, hahaha.


    There it is. Almost two months old. Good ol' mutt. Any takers?
  2. I wish haha that thinks cute as crap haha.
  3. Ship it to me? :eek:

  4. Can you pay shipping and handling?
  5. Haha, how much is shipping for a small animal?
  6. 30 dollars. I ship small children all the time it shouldn't be too much more.

    Adorable puppy by the way

  7. I can't find anyone that will ship mammals :(
  8. I wish!!

  9. omg. hes adorable. i wish man.
  10. you eat bugs...what about puppies? :smoke:

  11. If I needed to I would, haha.

    But this is not mine to eat, and it needs a good, weed friendly home.
  12. damn bro he/she looks exactly like my puppy...i havent seen her in 2 months now =[
    i miss my puppy. she mine.
  13. yo ive been wanting a puppy so bad. How close you to WVU Main campus?
  14. I can't take how adorable it is.

    keep it for yourself :devious:

  15. I'm about 3 hours away, but I've got friends that go there and maybe could run it up with one of them. Unless you'd want to meet somewhere half way and smoke a bowl, haha.

    I have a pretty cool dog already. I'm not looking for another :)
  16. That dog is cute:eek:. I love dogs.
  17. Shit dude, i got a gas guzzler so driving is something i never want to do, but im all for blazing! If you wanna make a drive here i will MAKE SURE ITS WORTH IT!! Currently smoking on some OG, Blue Dream, and some bud my dude called GT also dank :smoke: Not to mention i got some fluffy skunky nugs i can get you for the low!!!

    Puppy got a name?? Gender? Shots?

  18. It's name varies, haha. Sometimes they call him Snoopy, sometimes Little Dude, and sometimes puppy.

    It's a boy. No shots, but he's been wormed I think.

    My buddies have been asking me to come up to morgantown to party with them. Let me talk to some of my friends and see if I'll have a place to crash and food to eat, then we can talk details if you're actually interested.
  19. Haha nice man... Potty trained any?? Any idea how much growing he's got left? But yea hit up your people because im definitely interested

  20. They're working on house training him. He'll probably have it down by the time you get him.

    It's going to be hard to guess his size. Right now he stands maybe 5 inches at the shoulder. His dad's a biggish dog, I think 40 pounds or something, pretty lean. His mom's a mountain feist/jack russell terrier mix (I think?), and she's kind a small.

    He's really playful and likes to bite fingers. I wish I knew more about puppies so I could tell you his good attributes.

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