Anyone In The Us Staying Up For This Storm?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Moofie, Jun 13, 2013.

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    EDIT:  Title is supposed to by "Anyone in the US..." but it won't let me capitalize the S...
    It's just now hitting us.  Was calm as day with clear skies an hour ago.  Now it's pouring, and lightning is lighting up the sky.
    The first big thunder woke my dog on the other chair up.  She lifted her head, listened a sec, walked right over to me and planted onto my lap.  She was in a deep sleep too.  Storms terrify her.
    I was hoping to sit out on my porch and watch the storm, but I'm not sure with the scared pug.  Maybe it won't sound too loud with the windows shut - nevermind, that thunder was definitely loud enough to go through to walls.

  2. I love smoking and watching the rain
  3. Me too! It's so calm and relaxing. :smoking:
  4. It sounded like the ocean in my room when he wind picked up. I was high at the time but now that I am sober it calmed down for a bit.
  5. What part of the country are you in, here in Florida we have been getting our fair share of rain, but right now its clear out. Its about
    10 o clock here
  6. I wish it was raining here...East Texas has been getting it, but down here in Houston?

    Nothing but the freaking heat and humidity.

  7. Storms a bong an scary movies are the best
  8. I'm way north, in Ohio
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    got nailed last night in michigan
  10. man wouldnt that shit like scare the shit out of your fucking mind while ur high?
  11. It's been raining the past few days here.
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    This. bro that has to be the only good part of hurricane season. We can get some pretty chill tropical storms and I love blazing on my porch in windy thunderstorms. Other than that its hot as fuck and annoying to blaze on my porch
  13. Last night there was a tornado here and some big crashes of thunder. Really would have been a good opportunity for passionate love making.
  14. Been raining steadily for the last several days here in VT. No big storms to report, though.
    But yeah, I do love roasting a bowl and watching the thunder/lightning. Makes me feel like Gandalf.
    Heat lightning is even better.
  15. storm over in VA right now... crazy shit.
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    I love the rain, the sound of the rain drops hitting the window while your just chillaxin is just the best :cool:

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  17. suprised I saw this lol, i ran a little more than 2 miles during the rain. once the rain started to feel like airsoft bbs being pelted at me, i ran back home.
    and of course puffed a bowl.
  18. ...I've been in the pool for the past three days, wtf are you guys talking about
    fuck yeah California :D

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