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Anyone in the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ area?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ramones4d, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. This mite be in the wrong section, but here it goes. Alright so i live in Scottsdale az, and yesterday I went over to the head shop "Its all Goodz". BIGGEST ripoff store ever. A tiny little grinder with a keif catcher was around 70 bucks. A bigger one was around 100 bucks. Does anyone know a better headshop in AZ were I can get a decent grinder with a keif catcher for 40 or less?
  2. It may be a little out of your way - I'm in the Prescott/Chino area - but there's an amazing head shop up in Jerome with great prices and friendly, helpful staff. I've bought a lot of my accessories from them, and I've never been ripped off.
  3. Ya thats a bit out of the way....but if im up there i'll make sure to check it out! Whats the name of the place?
  4. It's called Puff'N'Stuff.
  5. K thx alot :)
  6. try nanas smoke shop its in glendale
  7. Dude you can get what most call the second best grinder for 20.00 $ on ebay. Search "Sharpstone grinder" on ebay, and take your pick. Most are 20 bucks man.

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