Anyone in Texas?

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  1. Ok so I am contemplating starting a mini grow to give me and my girl a constant supply as we are tired of going through friends and waiting to get our product. I am also tired of the occasional sub par product her friend hooks her up with sometimes. I would love to order from attitude, would like to get some purple kush and white widow for a nice hybrid and a solid indica. She also has back probs so we will be using these medicinally as well (why I want a solid indica).

    I've read lots of threads and come to the conclusion that attitude is the way to go and that it is fairly safe when ordering to the U.S. I am just scared shitless as Texas is like Nazi Germany when it comes to weed. Can anyone from my area tell me about their experiences ordering?

    Thank you
  2. I live in north Texas and go to school in east Texas. Best bet is to have an indoor setup, and just be careful if you decide to sell. Mostly common sense rules as long as you don't have a massive operation going
  3. So have you ordered from attitude with no problems?
  4. Im from Houston,ordered from attitude.Had no problems at all.word to the wise,use stealth shipping...attitude offers a few diffrent ways.oh and don't let people know online which stealth method you the pigs another leg up on cost extra by the way but really worth it.
  5. I personally don't grow just what I've seen and heard through my many dealers and ex-dealers lol
  6. Cool thanks guys. I would definitely choose the stealth shipping. Feel so much better now. I'm totally not interested in starting a huge operation, if anything, just enough to always have it and share some with an occasional friend. Eventually gonna probably build a grow box cabinet size with two sections for vegging and flowering. 2 plants for each stage. Not anytime soon but in the future.
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    were you able to order the seeds and have them safely delivered? I'm curious

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