Anyone in Texas voting for Wendy Davis? Why?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by letsmokeasweet, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. They are talking about her on the was a story about early voting and they did not mention her opponent.
    She's the girl who filibustered in the Texas legislator against new abortion law.
    That's all I know her from. Supposed she was a nobody and then she filibustered and everyone been talking about how great she is. I honestly don't know what she has done
    I don't know much about Greg abbot, cept for he was the state a.g.

    The last few years all I hear about is how bad the economy is and no one is working and out of money.
    What do i see really happening??
    We are having large corporations moving here from Other states. whenever I drive by the malls, they are packed, people are buying houses, not as many foreclosers like a year or two ago, when I go to restaurants I have to wait because there are always people eating out......I don't know about all of y'all's states, but i think texas must be doing something right considering how bad everything else is in other parts of the country. So they say
    Why would I vote for the party that has nothing to do with the successes of Texas? Whatever the republicans are doing here in Texas, must be right cause shit isn't as bad as they say it is. We haven't had a democrat governor since 1993.

    I'm not sure if it is true but from what I understand Wendy Davis got with some rich guy when she was young and he paid her way though Harvard, when she was done there, she left his ass, and left her two kids with him and abandoned them. I know a girl named champaign that did the same thing lol

    Idk, but what a bitch

    Hopefully someone can set me stright and try to point me in the right direction thanks
  2. I am a permanent resident of Texas, but I go to school out of state, so I vote in there.
    Her solution on every issue seems like to be "spend more". Her top contributor is Mostyn Law Firm, which seems primarily interested in rolling back any litigation reform. Texans don't like sue-happy activities, and they are all about them. They support a bunch of other Texas politicians frequently.
    Other top contributors are public sector and trade unions, which vaguely reflects her stances on how to vaguely "take care" of various groups.
    Expanding grants for college, while claiming she wants to make it more affordable. Government involvement in college makes it more expensive. 
    MOAR government. blah blah blah. Same song and dance.
  3. Wendy Davis is a idiot. Because she wore pink shoes and filibustered that bill somehow the DNC thought she was there girl. What has been reveled is a empty headed fool. She has made mistake after mistake, offered no compelling reason why anyone would vote for her. Then she shows a campaign ad bashing her opponent over a disability.
    Her campaign staff is in turmoil as late to make a difference but they not to long ago fired a bunch of people. When she goes to events literally they have her on camera talking to a empty room. Its as pathetic as she is.
  4. Wendy Davis's people have continuously harassed me this election season. Every other day, I get a knock on my door from people trying to convince me to vote Wendy Davis. The first time I engaged in a nice little debate with the canvasser who really needed to research what her chosen candidate stood for. but after that I just go to my door and have a little fun with these people. I have told them, I don't vote I'm an anarchist another time I told an old lady that I would only be voting for candidates that support seceding from the Union. Each time I have told them to take me off there list. Finally the last time I just said through the door that women belong in kitchen and not in politics. But seriously they must be completely disorganized why do they keep coming back to my house?
  5. Haha that was funny.

    Well I'm glad she didn't win.

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