Anyone in Seattle area?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hammered, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Just moved to Renton area and trying to figure out the in's and out's around here. Looking to get my WA state card in a few, and need a few answers for a few questions. Damn , there are alot of GREY AREAS in the law here! :cool:
  2. Whats good man? 206 all the time. Welcome to the pacific northwest, I think you will love it...

    Currently living in Australia but i'll be back in 6 months. What kinda questions ya got man?
  3. Nope, but Common Market is the fucking truth.
  4. I heard you guys have super heroes trying to clean up the streets, what's up with them?
  5. Haha wow you mentioned Renton nice! :wave:

  6. You mean these guys?


    Cleaning streets by day, rock n rolling by night!

  7. yeh WA is one of the hardest states to get your green card, if that's what you mean by grey areas, but also pretty chill laws about recreationcal use, I have toked on the streets in the U District many times, now when it comes to the landscape there's no grey area, it's just all grey
  8. Yeah, seriously... I keep seeing on the news and everywhere else one bust after another. Its like its cool to smoke here , but if your growing "ya might get fucked"...
    I hear King county is the best place to live if ya want to grow and not get robbed by the police, but I dont know for sure. It seems to me that if you want to grow here period ya just mght run into some problems. I dont see wasting my time getting a card if I can't grow in peace without wondering if johnny law is about to come kicking my door in. I know they say 15 plants and 24 dried ounces, but Im hearing shit about them busting you if they find out your growing and then going over all of your records and dragging your doc. into court to see if your condition is acceptable by the court... "Bullshit"... Its sounding more and more like a trap to me, no joke. I know there is a huge risk if your growing anywhere in the good ol' U.S., but there seems to be a "yes you can , but if we catch you your fucked" type deal going on here in Washington.
  9. Haahaha, thats some funny shit!:smoke:
  10. Just had to put this out there cant handle the rain up here

    Welcome to the great NW :wave:
  11. It seems to me that folks are so shook about growing here that nobody will even talk about it at all. Its like once ya even mention "Grow" the conversation is shut down, LOL! Hell Im from down south and weed is illegal as fuuuck down there, but if ya have a question about something, Im pretty sure someone will answer it for ya, lol...
  12. I was there for about two months and went to alki beach almost everyday to smoke a j. Theres like zero pigs and always great views.
  13. No shit, the rain is ridiculous around here, but the winter has been a bit more mild than Im used to. The winters are colder in the south than they are here... Strange...
  14. When you say down south are you talking about Vancouver area?
  15. LOL, the bible belt South... Southern states.
  16. I see... well have a fun time down there. lol
  17. The south is where I used to live. Im in WA. now.
  18. Yea man whats up.. You got questions about WA or getting your med card here then let me know

  19. They're good musicians, check them out. :D

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