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Anyone in Oregon have a mmj card for athsma?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by StickyGanja, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. I've heard that you can get a card if you have athsma and I was just wondering if anyone here has gotten one for it?
  2. Just bumping
  3. I have astsma, i dont think that you can though? you can get one for severe depression though i believe, go to a couselor and say your suicidal:D
  4. i'd like to know about this question for sure too
  5. wouldnt smoke make ashthma worse.....just a thought

  6. Vaporizer.
  7. Okay i dont think this question is going to be answered but.. I have asthma as well and I was talking to my brother about it last night. He said that he knew somebody who had a card for asthma (were in oregon) so this surprised me. It seems like a doctor would tell you to use normal asthma medicine before handing out an mmj card though, like advair or something. But maybe all you have to do is find the right doctor?
  8. just say that advair does something to you like make you sick or something. just list a side effect.
  9. I have a doc recommendation in Washington for Asthma. Go through the THCF foundation.

    You need an established medical history with records to explain your condition. Asthma falls under spasticity--it helps involuntary muscle spasms....which is what asthma is.

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