Anyone in here from England?

Discussion in 'General' started by retarded, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Are there any members on here from the UK, I would really like to get to know some more smokers in over here, if there are somes brits about i'm currently living in Swansea, South Wales.
  2. London Uk Here :)
  3. i do
    warwick, west midds
  4. Wow some people in my area, HI!!!! lol

    hows it going out there in sunny England? I haven't seen it for while, been in wales too long, so what are you two respactable people like? and whos got the good grass?? lol

  5. Hott and sunny and the bud here is great HiGH Grade stuff but we are goin through a drought over here 1st time since last summer alot of hash and weed and prices step for them at this time as there is still a bit of bud but it is weak stuff so where got going through a good patch at the mo but hopefully things will get better soon.
  6. So how are things in good old Wales?
  7. well i was in cornwall surfin earlier this week got 2 days in and it got to rainy and windy down there so we came back to warwick where the suns shining :). im still dry but gonna try a new special freind soon, lol :rolleyes:
  8. ooo and south wales, gonna cruise there at the end of summer. pitty my family come too :( lol, or am i going with them??

  9. Not too bad tbh, haven't had a smoke for a long while but by the end of the month I will have a nice little bag of white widow in my pocket.... I'm really looking forward to it aswell, i've been assured thats its worth every fucking penny!!!

    there are a couple of really good little shops like "Swansea Hydrophonics" where you can pick up everything for your grow room and a little something to tide you over till you crop... lol

  10. lol cool. i wish i could get some, but my mates getting me mine for my b-day, isnt he gr8? lol

  11. Yup, sounds like a top m8 to me :)

  12. hell yeah, hes the one that got me started

    yeah u can surf in the uk! lol
  13. Hey i'm from E.Sussex.

  14. I used to live in west sussex, where in e.sussex are you?
  15. By Brighton.

  16. ahhh Brighton, the most wonderfully clean beach in England.... lol How is everything down by that way at the moment? Anything good going on down there?
  17. I don't live in Brighton i live in a town by Brighton. It's been ok we've kinda had a bit of a drout but it's been ok, um not alots happened really just general stuff.
  18. I used to be subjected to going to brighton every summer when I was a kid, it was either brighton or eastbourne.... BORING!! Haven't been there for a while as it goes, kind of got put off.... Wouldn't mind going clubbing in brighton, i've heard there are some good venues down there, know of any?
  19. I'm not really a Clubber myself, i've heard of people talking abot Croatia thats it really.

    When was da last time u were in Eastbourne cos it's quite nice now apart from the old people and townies.

  20. Its been a while a have to say, a good few years from what I can remember, Isnt fishbourne roman palace down that way?

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