Anyone In Georgia That Tokes Up

Discussion in 'General' started by metaldude94, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for friends here in georgia that I would like to get stoned with and watch movies and listen to music. If anyone is looking for friends in georgia reply.

  2. I'm not looking for friends but I live in Georgia. Bwahaha
  3. sounds like the law...
  4. fuck georiga.
  5. Oh whatever how do you delete this post I'm not a cop
  7. What the hell i try make friends and all I get is insults
  8. How do I delete my profile
  9. You can't. But if you want to "could" edit all of your posts, change your account name, and never log in again.
    Do you want to hide from someone?
  10. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.
  11. Why can't I just find friends. you guys don't have to be jerks
  12. Because this thread is sketchy as fuck. Lots of people in Georgia do meth you know.
  13. Damn dude, I just moved from Atlanta to Minnesota, I would've totally kicked it with you.
    Oh well. Don't mind the assholes neither, welcome to the City.!!
  14. Look you can say whatever you want about me or the topic but I'm trying to make friends here, and I will continue to do so whether people like it or not.
  15. Not trying to make personal attacks on your personality bro. I'm just saying think about if from our point of view...for all we know we're coming over to your house with an ounce and you're a cop waiting to bust us. It's the internet, and the internet isn't the best place to go look for friends.

    Look, wanna make friends with fellow stoners in ATL? Find a mellow mushroom, go to the quad, go to a smoke shop.
  16. I smell bacon

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  17. georgia is a big state, man.

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