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Anyone high right now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillsforilz, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I'm so blazed right now yo. I seriously don't even feel like this is real life. I'm just so damn bored and high as shit. This is my third time ever getting high. I feel so good but my vision makes me think different. I dunno yo. Just talk to me.
  2. your blasted
  3. hey man welcome to the world of pot. im stoned as a pigion right now and after watching quarintine and some pain killers i am chill as hell.

  4. I never knew pot was really like this. It's so intense. I'm so damn blazed yo I'm probably make no sense.

  5. nice man bout to toke up myself. If your bored go check out some trippy pics onlin they are awesome when you are blazed you'll zone out for sure
  6. im not blazed now but im about to smoke outa a light bulb vaporizer ill post back when im blazed!
  7. Music, mangg.

    How can you be boredd? Enjoy the world around you, and get lost in your thoughts.
  8. bout to take a nice blunt walk downtown.

  9. yeah enjoy those intense highs while you have em.. I don't get those awesome highs where you get body rushes and everything.. But seriousky check out some trippy stuff you'll flip
  10. Im so high i... soryy I gIveup good night
  11. yea man we high man, we high.

  12. dude im so freken high dude its my first time dude i feel weird i think its called spice yeah it issss dude my bf takes forever to text back fuckkkk:smoke:
  13. heere dude this is mu first timeeeeeeee
  14. I am pretty yoasted myself off a .66 joint of Wizards Mind Bomb
  15. ?/haha its my first time out of a foil paper pipe my bro made woooow i feeel weird &uuu?

  16. Lol, foil pipe. I'm gonna get blazed tomorrow man. Yo, make a waterfall bong. Look it up on YouTube on how to make one. They're a lot better.
  17. Are you sure you are not zooted? It sounds like it...
  18. got off work a bit ago so yea im gettn there.
  19. Make a water bottle bong. Foil pipes taste like shit and they cause AIDS.

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