Anyone here with Dreads?

Discussion in 'General' started by ChronicPhonix, Jan 10, 2013.

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  2. Honestly expected more feedback on this subject, lol.
  3. It's just a hairstyle dude, calm your tits
  4. i used to have dreadlocks. they were awesome and i miss them a bunch but i had to cut them for my job >_<
  5. im way to white for dreadlocks
  6. Debatable.
  7. I realize people can keep it clean but it looks very dirty to me.
  8. my hairs getting long enough.. I'll do it someday when I'm a middle aged burn out
  9. My ass hair regularly gets dreaded.

    I'm not sure whether this reflects poorly upon my hygiene or the fact that I have that much ass hair :poke:
  10. Must hurt when the dicks tear through

  11. It is an ancient evolutionary defense against the asshole being penetrated.

    You don't have it? Must like the cock!

  12. My girlfriend in high school wanted dreads and she got them.

    I didn't like them as much as her long black sexy italian cheer-leader hair, but she did get this exoticness to her afterwards.

    I was down with it. :rolleyes:
  13. Not everyone takes dick in the butt. Everyone poops, though. That seems like the normal thing to come to mind first.
  14. I have a laser defense :cool:
    Cookies gay tho soooo :laughing:

    We fuck with each other all the time (no homo)
  15. Ass dreads add pleasurable texture for anal penetration.


  16. This is the second thread i've found myself in where anus somehow gets on topic.

    I would love dreads but I couldn't come to having to ruin my longg hair.
  17. Since we're on the subject, I would rather feel the sensation of thousands of strands of silky hair gracing my dick rather than something rough, nappy and spongy.

    Why isn't hair sex more popular?
  18. I dont have a problem with it unless the girl wants me to go down on her..
  19. Pussy hair is no good.


  20. I meant the hair on your head...

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