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Anyone here veg a plant outside, then flower inside?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by dosboot, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Just curious. Was thinking of trying this at least once, but if someone already has and had bad experience with it, I'd rather learn from their mistake. So much nicer that way. :devious:
  2. I have grown mothers outside, then cloned and flowered back indoors.
    I have never done a full veg of a plant I intended to flower.

    I feel if you veg a plant outside, then bring it back in to flower, there is a very good chance you will have some sort of insect problem.
  3. Nonsense, no more than you would have if left outside. And you can always buy some spray or get some lady bugs like that vertedanger guy :confused:
  4. Thanks to you both for your input. :wave:

    If insects are the main worry, it might be okay. There are a couple of remedies which I've had good luck with on other plants. One is water with a little raw garlic juice in it, used to water the plant, and also as an occasional foliar spray. I probably use a little more garlic juice than the recipes I've seen call for, and I also sprinkle the juice pulp and dried skin from the garlic around the base of the plant. This has gotten rid of a root problem (that was turning the leaves yellow and killing them), and a creepy crawly problem for my tomatoes. Hopefully, it can work on mj, too. :)

    Thanks again. :D
  5. if u r putting it directly into the soil, it will be a problem digging up up the plant after vegging then bringin it back inside. you could seriously damage the root system the most important time of growth. plus u could shock the plant by moving it from natural conditions into artificial(sometimes worse) conditions inside.
  6. I would have it in a pot throughout it's life. But this shock thing has my attention. The conditions inside would be as close a simulation of outdoor conditions as I can manage: an oscillating fan going 24/7, 1 mh and 1 hps going, 12/12 light cycle, humidity same indoors as outdoors, similar indoor temp (avg. 85-87 F). I know the temp seems too darned high, but the outdoor temps here when the plant would be flowered would be higher. I could always bring the indoor temp down to 80 gradually over a period of a few days to try and minimize stress.

    I wonder if these indoor conditions might keep shock to a minimum? This is very interesting.
  7. I like this idea. You would save a lot on electricity since you cut out the vegetative (18 hour) light cycle completely. Bugs can be gotten rid of. As for the shock of going from outside to inside, would I be correct in saying it would be less "shocking" than moving from inside out?
  8. I did this last year and bugs,bugs,bugs! You cannot believe how many bugs lay eggs in soil and then leave, so you don't really see them outside, the larvae hatch and they go away too. They also get eaten by other bugs, lizards, birds and can die more easily outdoors. Not so in your closet or box. A perfect MJ growing environment is also a perfect bug growing one too. I had so damn many regular flies hatching, worms, earwigs, sow bugs.....
    I also had some of the plants herm out on me and got seeds to boot. That could have been bad genetics though, but it did happen.
    So my best opinion is not do it if you can avoid it.
  9. This thread kinda is confusing me....wouldn't it make a lot more sense to Veg inside and flower outside?
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    Yeah, that's usually the convention but as dosboot said, it's just out of curiosity we are discussing the idea. Also, in most climates it's easier to veg than to flower. In Ireland it can get very wet around harvest time so it's a nightmare for bud rot.
  11. my plants were about a month from harvest and it frosted. no damage except for my squash, tomatoes, etc. my mj plants were planted as seedling and some are 6' or so. i dug up a smaller one to a pot in garage but i want my white widow to finish inside in huge pot. it was fine for 2 days, then i moved it over for another plant and it wilted in minutes. i tied it and won't move again but she doesn't look too good. any advice on bringing her back?
    tips on moving- put a stake in the pot before the plant and tie plant down before moving and keep it supported. plant is a 5' by 5' fattie.
  12. this is a dead thread it seems... i used fertilome root stimulator and it brought my plant back from sure death.
  13. I was doing that for a while, then I realized I was getting far better growth under my t5's, outside in the summer heat my plants were really hurting. I noticed bringing them indoors perked them back up, then I figured out that I could give them constant light indoors without any problems so I just pulled everyone inside.

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