anyone here use co2 kits?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 305tillidie, May 3, 2006.

  1. how big of a difference does this make on your overall yield? if it does what i hear then im def gona buy one asap. anyone?
  2. what do you mean by kit ?
    are you talking about a co2 bucket?
    co2 increases yeild more than 50% ....some of my friends have increased their yeild as much as 80% havent heard god or bad on that bucket set up yet ....good luck
  3. then its settled im gona def buy one. thanks for the reply :D
  4. they are quite expensive. I would go with making the home made bucket with the activated flour, sugar, and water. if you use a big bucket it would be more than adequate I think.
  5. Expensive? Hardly compared to the results.

    I just posted this in someone else's thread that was asking about CO2

  6. That's over $500 just for CO2. I consider that expensive, but to each his own.
  7. yeah its expensive but most gurantee a 30% increase in yield minimum with co2. im gona give it a shot when i get my new setup. i have the extra money.
  8. Didn't you say you were doing SOG? If you're only growing them to 6 inches before flowering I doubt you are going to see much of a difference from co2. Sorry if it was somebody else talking about the SOG.
  9. $130 (electronic solenoid) + $50 (cor tank) +12 (for a timer) = $192

    under 200bucks for increasing your yield? Well worth it. Especially since it's mostly a one-time cost and you can spread out that cost over every one of your grows.

    Say you did 6 plants per grow and four grows. Let's say you went from 2oz/plant to 2.5oz (a 25% increase - just to be conservative).

    That's an extra 3 oz of bud per grow. Mulitply that by 4 grows... that's 12oz. Let's figure an ave. cost of $300 per oz of kind... that's $3,600

    spend $200 to make $3,400... still expensive?:rolleyes:
  10. I've increased yields plenty on SOG, LST, and SCROG. How much experience do you have? (just curious)

  11. yeah im still doing a sog. the co2 would still help my plants especialy since im growing all female seeds in 8-10 pots. the seeds im getting are high yielders. and if you ever had a bug problem the co2 is kicked on and it kills anything in there by depriving it of oxygen for a short time period. its usualy turned on at begining 3rd week of veg when you start to see real progress. reports of small grows got average 30% yield and some larger grows got up to 50-60% more so i've read. i also asked about this oon the forums earlier and received good feedback.
  12. not a lot honestly. definitely not as much as you. i wasn't claiming to. just for plants that small anyways, I didn't think it would be making much of a difference. and yes in the long run it would be worth it, but I think for the first grow you should just be getting the basics down before spending that much on just the co2. and sorry I just noticed I added the $290 with the rest. I wasn't paying much attention when I looked at your numbers, and honestly I was just basing the co2 according to most of the veteran growers I've seen getting great yields and they don't bother with any of that.
  13. oh no, bro, I wasn't asking as a put down, I was merely curious that's all. Reason being is that it seemed like you hadn't tried it yet, and most peeps I know that have grown as long as I have tried it at one time or another.

    It's not that it wouldn't help the yield of a SOG, it would, but the best part is that it get's you there faster. You're right that the yeild wouldn't be all that much more with SOG, because, as you said, the plants are smaller. But, if you think about the CO2 not just in increasing yield, but increasing the speed, you can see how it would be beneficial.

    You can do it cheaper, but a controller makes life so much easier. I have a busy schedule, so I can't be home keeping an eye on my grow all the time. I love automation. Plus, the less I mess, the less it gets fucked up.

    I completely forgot the benefit of the bugs! I'm glad someone mentioned that. I NEVER have bug issues when I'm using CO2. In fact, for a while I had those bastard moths lay eggs in my pantry and all my cereal, oatmeal, rice, four and everything like that had these little maggot looking moth larva. They would crawl across the ceilings, get into other shit. Man it was miserable. A little suct tape and a CO2 tank took care of everything. Now when we buy bulk, I just fill up the storage bins with CO2 and nothing lives in there.

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