Anyone here truly seen aliens, ufos or ghosts?

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  1. I have never seen aliens but one time I went home, it was nightime around april '10 and this room has a porch facing south and I open my eyes at just the right time and a green gas flare (best way I can describe it) flared up and then poof gone the next second. Another time back in like June of '06 me and some friends were blazin all over town and we went to this park by this time it was night and we were blazed as fuck and we're walking out of the park and talking about some high shit and I'm like do you guys see that? A white ghastly figure starts moving just outside this outdoor basketball court and I look over at my buddies and there in a frozen shocked state and they simply just say yeah all whispery and truly scared as we start taking off. I told another bud smokin friend about it like 3 or 4 years later and he's like dude no way I was walking alone by the same place and saw a ghost then told me some story about a young child who was abused by his/her parents or something. I have more intense and true events that I saw involving apparitions but those stay with me and only the closest of friends.
  2. i've seen ghosts, multiple times, and had some encounters with a poltergeist as well. never seen any kind of ufo and definitely not any aliens though.

    go to the real life stories section and look for the thread "what is the creepiest thing you have ever experienced?" I've posted all my stories there, along with many other people. that thread fucking rocks.

    i'd encourage you to share your stories there as well, especially those ones you mentioned at the end. only stay with you? come on man, this is the internet, don't hold out on us. if you have some crazy story about apparitions i want to fucking hear it.
  3. I'm really an alien. I'm waiting for the mothership to arrive so we can wipe out humanity and save this planet.
  4. I love in Napa,California. There is aliens everywhere
  5. Yea , he's a rude feminine alcoholic who lives in my attic
  6. Nope, but I welcome the opportunity.
  7. that would explain your small penis

    OPyes when i was 14 i had a telescope and i like to look at all the stars since they where highly visible from the sanfernando valley, i saw a craft that would would 180 into another path of in oregon ive seen some unexplainable lights but nothing thats i would know for certain if it an extraterretrial aircraft
    its too cloudy here most of the time
  8. That was a malfunction of the artifical DNA in my human disguise.
  9. When I was younger I used to be super intrested in ghosts and would go into haunted places with my mom we took a picture in some haunted place and her elbow had this super bright light on it we have no idea what it was it looked like someone was shining a flashlight into the camera
  10. The house I lived in was haunted. I've seen lots spirit activity. As far as aliens or I did have a night terror type dream I was being abducted but alas it was only a dream.
  11. I'm telling you guys there's some wierd supernatural stuff that goes on in portland pretty much the whole northwest. Think about it, a lot of serial killers come from the nw, portland is arguably the weirdest city in the us, according to a national poll the most promiscous cities, tons of gays and closet gays everywhere you look, I've heard about all sorts of underground shit like cults, and per capita its one of the most if not the most drug addicted cities in the us there's gotta be some major demon spirits around here and the aliens are probably chomping at the bit for an oppurtunity between shit weather to bring there people back
  12. Op you should check out mcminans (don't know the spelling) a bunch of their places are suposed to be haunted also check out the shanghai tunnels
  13. mcmenamin's the bar?

  14. I'm not sure why but that made me laugh so hard i almost choked on some food

    to contribute, nah i haven't seen any aliens or ufos but ghosts--maybe. my sister used to see them all the time.
  15. I'm an alien...

    ET PHONE HOME!(points glowing finger)
  16. I've seen apparitions. Not ghosts, per say, but ghost-like images. Most recently, a giant green skull.
  17. Think I may have been in the presence of spirit energy while I was on vacation one winter.
  18. [​IMG]

    Damn hippies, aliens and ghosts aren't real. Get a job.

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